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Hello Families,

I hope you are having a lovely summer!  I am looking forward to a special year together!

Thank you for getting your child ready for school!  The biggest way to prepare is to have family discussions about your morning goodbye rituals, your pick up routine, and any family home routines that will make this flow comfortably and successfully for everyone.  Don't forget to plan a time in the day when you will be talking about their school day.  By letting them know how this will look and feel (even play acting it out now for fun) your child may feel more prepare when it's the "real deal".

A second way to get ready is to get supplies for your child and the class.  The class supplies list may not look like the traditional items you remember getting because we share materials.  Also, since the students are such budding artists, I like to offer quality materials.  In previous years I asked everyone to bring one of the same items and I still have giant quantities of certain things, so this is why you may not see certain items.  I hope you may enjoy shopping the class wish lists, too! 

Please bring the below items and if you had envisioned purchasing more, please consider checking out the wish lists on Amazon and Etsy. (If you see the same item at another store, don't feel you have to purchase on the Internet- this is just a handy way to show you what we could use!)  There are many books we would love to have in class!  If you can sponsor some special items, our class will be diverse and full of possibility, rather than overflowing with too many crayons and colored pencils and scissors.

Thanks for your help in getting our school year off to a great start!  Love, Jennifer
If you want to purchase some art supplies, educational tools or books for the class, here are our 
Class wish lists:
(Notice the handy "sort by" tool to see price or priority of need). 
Please note that this supply list is a list of recommended supplies. As a free public charter school we will happily provide any supplies that a family can not purchase.

Personal needs list:
  • 1 backpack that fits comfortably and that will hold your child's lunch box and journal- please LABEL this INSIDE for safety reasons
    *One two pocket paper folder LABELED with your child's name, to remain inside the backpack all year to send home papers in
  • 1 hat if desired, LABELED INSIDE
  • 1 lunch bag, or box, with FABRIC NAPKIN (to use as a place mat and napkin),
    ***We need your support to attain our goal of becoming waste free. As the landfill overflows and plastic pollutes our land and waters, we all can take power in knowing that we can make a difference. 
    Here are some other ideas:
  • 1 reusable water bottle, LABELED
  • 1 bag of extra clothes and shoes, LABELED

  • A family photo or SMALL album of family photos if this would help your child transition or to share with others and make friendship connections

Classroom needs list:
Please do not label these.
These will be used as community property by all students in class
  • A 100-pack of sheet protectors
  • 1 ream of plain white printer paper
  • 1 pack of  standard size cardstock paper or 12 inch craft cardstock paper (variety is key, so the more diverse colors the better!). We need colors that kids use often: blues, browns and greens, as well as pinks and purples.  (Michael's has some great variety packs, which offer many shades of a color) I still have tons of the colors they use less.  ***please no fluorescents- we have lots and the kids don't use theses often, as they hurt the reader's eyes!  ;)
  • 1 box of  kleenex
  • 3 glue sticks
  • A book to donate to the class (fiction, non-fiction, chapter book...see the amazon wish list for books we do not have which are inspirational!)

List of things you may have around the house to donate (please don't go out and buy any of these items!):

Note cards, envelopes, silk scarves, coffee table books on specific subjects or old cameras (working, or not). Allow me to stress that I am NOT asking you to buy new ones, but to bring in anything you might not be using or have too many of. (In the past, many grandparents raided their stash and sent us some amazing items!)

Totally optional, and not necessary at all: 
Lastly, throughout the year we will be using many different types of materials, and it's great to supply our students with quality products. Amazon, Michael's, Etsy and Joann's gift cards are helpful ways to support me to get the specifics.  For example: the family's gift cards last year allowed me to get beautiful materials to present the students' work for our exhibition nights! 

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