Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Happy Father's Day!

Wishing all you dads a wonderful father's day!  I hope you have some nice moments with your lovely children and are reminded how special it is being a father. Thank you for all you do!

It was fun to see the children's ideas for their gift- they created some great patterns out of the symbol stamps we had.  I loved seeing their finished work and their excitement to hammer them in!

Have a beautiful weekend, Jennifer

Aydin: What I love about my dad is he fixes all of the yard work with me and he helps me open up stuff and crack stuff when I need to see what's inside.  And what else is he makes good steak every night.  And sometimes he takes us somewhere somewhere fun when us help daddy with all of the stuff and he actually can make something fun at home.
Olivia: What I like about my Daddy that when it is night he kisses me good night. And he goes to work to get money for us. I like going to daddy's office with him. what  I appreciate about Daddy is he is always so lovely sometimes. He makes me feel happy when he tells jokes. 
Grace: What I love about my dad is that we like having tickle fights together and we like going to the park after school sometimes. And we sometimes go to - sometimes my dad surprises me after school to go somewhere fun.  We sometimes go and have fun on the weekends together and have fun and go to fun places.What he does about my family is he washes the dishes and lets me help him cook sometimes.
Sadie: What I like about my dad is that he does a lot of work for my family and also he, like, he also is getting money for us.  I like cuddling with him sometimes, in his bed, when my mom says if I could cuddle with him.  I like going to the movie theater with him and going to the park with him, with my family.
Audrey: What I like about my dad is that he brings me books and comics and he also bringed my whole family to watch Wonder Woman. I like to go to his bed and cuddle there before bed.  I also like that he brings me to school and that he brang me on a field trip.
Kallie: What I think's special is about my dad, sometimes, but not that often. he takes me to his work.  And what I like about him is he does a lot of fun things like one time, well, a few times, he took me to a bowling alley, just me and him and it was really fun.   What makes him so special is that he does lots for my family, like sometimes when he says I could watch a movie, and it's too high, he gets it down for me and it's really lovely that he will.  And once, when he took me to Disneyland, my mom took my brother to a ride that he liked, and my dad took me to a ride where it sings It's A Small World.
Gabriel: What I like about my dad is that he does special things with me like, Nickle City, Dave and Buster, movies,  Legoland, Disneyland, Disney Cruise and Universal Studios.  He also helps at home around, by answering phone calls when he needs to- since some phone calls are about bills or electricity or insurance.  He plays video games with us and he goes places with us and just that he's special.  Some things I cannot explain is special since he is my dad- it's hard to explain.
Methilde: What I like about my Papa is that he makes really really good milk shakes and I really really like them. He took me and my sister to his college in LA- USC.  He does the dishes sometimes and it helps our family so we can have more plates, so we can eat dinner more often throughout the month so we can eat on the plates we want to.  
Scott: What I appreciate about my dad is that he's helping my family move to a new house and that he's so kind and loving.  He is so funny in lots of ways that it's hard to explain all of the ways.  He always makes funny jokes and he finds out jokes that are in toys like in stuffed animals and he did that in the car today.  Sometimes he even plans a big trip for my family.
Calvin: What my dad- how my dad is special, is cuz he takes me to go golfing when ever we can or play some video games, too and so what I like about him is he spends time with me whenever he can and he snuggles up with me at bedtime and he reads me and my sister some of our favorite books.  and another reason why he's special is he takes me to places where I want to go and he reads good stories to us and sometimes lets us listen to some of his and my mom's favorite shows at bedtime- when they were little.  Even some from before they were born.  So what i like about him is he sometimes cuddles up with me when we're sick, 'cuz then we could get some warmth in our body so we could take our mind off of our sickness.
Damon: What I like about my dad is he reads words to me I don't know and what's helpful about him is he makes me food when I'm hungry.  And what's helpful is he makes breakfast for me when it's school.  What I like doing with him is playing video games with him and reading books to him.
Lacey: What I like about my dad is sometimes he takes me and him, like we go to the park sometimes together.  And he played monster and he pushed me on the swings.  And also he takes me to Nickle City sometimes.  Whenever it's time time to go back to mommy, he transportations me back to mommy.
Natalyah: What I like about my dad is that he takes me to places sometimes and he lets me go on some rides and then after the rides he lets me eat.  He does for my family is that if he sees a bug, he kills it.  I like hugging him in bed.  
Declan:  What I like about my dad is what he helps around the house is that he sometimes vacuums the house when my mom is not at the house and that he listens to my mom when she says to take out the trash.  What I like about him is that he's really very silly- especially at bed time and when I ask me to throw me in bed, he does.  
Xavier:  What I like about my dad is like when my mom plans fun stuff for me, my dad gives up his work for a second to go to the fun place or fun thing.  What the family need for my dad is a thing that some dads don't do, 'cuz it's kind of icky, is throwing out the trash but sometimes I do it.  I like like cuddling him in my moms bed and maybe he reminds me to like do something if I forget, like have my vitamin or have my special drink or something like that.  What else I think is special- he does really nice jokes, kinda.  Or I could change that to really funny jokes, I could say.
Melayna:  What I like about my dad is he brings me to school sometimes.  What I like about my dad is I snuggle with him sometimes and he's nice to me.  He reads books to me every night what I asked him to read.  He does for my family is he works and he brings more money to buy new toys.
Steven: What I like about my dad is that he cuddle me and he takes me to school sometimes.  And sometimes in the morning he lets me shower first.  He also helps me like get things that are too high in the fridge that I want to get so I can pack my lunch.  What I appreciate my dad for is he makes funny jokes and sometimes he's serious.

Monday, June 12, 2017

Transportation Field Trip!

What a lovely day!

Thank you so much to all you families who joined, watched over all our little birds and shared the positive energy on the trip.  We almost got rain and we had a whole slew of other students on the way back, but otherwise the day was mellow and beautiful.

I love doing this at the end of the year, as it's such a neat day and fun to see the kids enjoying the view and being on a boat!

Have a lovely summer!

Love, Jennifer