Thursday, May 11, 2017

Off To The Farm!

Hello families!

Here are the photos from our fun and special trip to Oma's Farm.  This is such a neat experience and also the grounds are full of unique activities and fun experiences not to be had anywhere else.  I personally liked the new water pump feature- such a cool idea!  I would like one of those set-ups for our yard!

I have been on this trip many times over the last 7 years and I still learned something.  Did you know that pigs can't sweat?  This came from our friends' great questions- they always come up with thoughtful things to ask that add to our experience (and always remind the experts how amazing kids can be!).

I LOVED how the kids were able to identify the steps of how the milk comes from a cow, to creamery, to store.  Some students were even having a debate whether they ought to start the time line (written in their journals) with the food mixture ("cereal") that the farmers make for the cows, since that is really where our milk comes from!  Many of them did start with the first step of the cows getting a shower, since they have to be washed before giving their milk!

I hope you get a chance to check out the kids' journal entries- their predictive process journal writing and then their entry after the field trip where they added the steps and parts of the process that they hadn't included in their first entry.  They are growing so much and are becoming such capable and dedicated writers!

THANK YOU so much to all the parent drivers who braved the hot day, the dust and who were "on" all day.  I especially loved that almost all of us adults took a turn on the cotton seed saucers.  SO FUN!  ;)  How many of your kids came home with them in their shoes, like me?

Have a beautiful week!  Love, Jennifer

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