Wednesday, May 10, 2017

May Songs and Poems


This month's themes are overlapping from last month, since they are still important in class today.  I usually choose one or two that will connect the students to their personal growth- mindfulness, or the type of person they are trying to be.  Why Be A Volunteer is a great one!

The two songs are inspired by our exciting field trip to the Classics for Kids concert this month.  We will be listening to various types of music and the instruments used to create these.  Plus, these songs are just fun!  ;)

The last two songs are inspired by the students' deep love- of reading and of nature.  (After all, their class poetry book is all about nature!)

I hope you enjoyed the reflection page I created about Maya Angelou's poem.  It's a special one.

Enjoy your month and thank you for sharing a love of songs and poems with your child!

Love, Jennifer

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