Saturday, May 27, 2017

Concert Field Trip!

Hello families,

This trip is usually one of my favourites (well, I usually have a lot of favourites!) because of the special venue and the look on the kids' faces when they walk in and feel themselves in such a beautiful theatre.  The hush when the music starts and their excited faces when they recognize the music we've been listening to-it's all so sweet!

Thank you so much to all our drivers who helped us get there!  I appreciate all your help keeping track of the kids in the commotion and excitement of so many students going to such a special event!

Have a lovely weekend, Jennifer

PS there were no photos allowed during the program, so I'll share a few before and after!

Sunday, May 14, 2017

Happy Mother's Day!

Hello Sweet Mothers!

Wishing you a beautiful weekend and hoping you enjoyed the moment of excitement when your child could finally let their secret free! They have been so excited about the gifts they created for you- a lot of loving and dedicated work- from identifying what colors you wear/like, to choosing the exact shade beads, to picking the charm message and feature beads, to getting all those beads on and then feeling sure you'll love it!

Have a lovely day, Jennifer

Here are a few words about you:
Grace: What I think that's lovely about my Mom is because when we wake up in the morning she snuggles me in bed sometimes.  And she's loving and caring.
Sadie: What I like about my Mom is that she tells me if I could help her cook with her and help her do other chores.  I like doing it with my Mom.  She always makes like some smoothies for us and she makes dinner for us, and breakfast.
Lacey: What I like about my Mom is sometimes she plays Monopoly with me at home and also I know that she loves me sometimes because I hear her say it at home and also in the car and I just say "I love you, too." One time she let me help cook the pancakes that she was making for lunch, she asked if Me and Marley could help her make it.
Methilde: What I love about my Mama is that she makes food for potlucks, every time there's one coming up. I also like her going to places, me and my sister want to go to, sometimes.  I love about when she cuddles with me and I get a little stuffed animal to cuddle with me in my Mama's bed, if I wake up early enough to be in the morning to cuddle with her.  I like how she lets me do that.
Xavier: What do I love about my Mom, is like she plans fun stuff for me and she gets surprises for me sometimes- she can't do it all the time.  I like when my Mom, like, loves me and cuddles me when we're on the bed.  Well, I like to help her do stuff, and I like to help her work.
Kallie: What I love about my Mom is that she used her money to buy Disneyland passes, Sea World passes and the zoo passes.  And once when I was at the zoo with my Mom, she bought me a $1 delicate butterfly.  What's special about her is she always make yummy things for me to eat and sometimes she even makes a surprise breakfast, like pumpkin pancakes with pumpkin stirred up.  And she takes me to the Disney Store and even though she isn't buying anything, she lets me play around in it because it's a fun store.
Gabriel: What I appreciate my Mom for doing is when I need to talk to her, she talks to me back.  I like playing games with her.  I also like going places with her since it's fun.  I like when she makes artichokes.
Steven: What I like about my mom is that she sewed for the play and she also does- sometimes she does activities with me.  She does things in the office.  I like that my Mom helps our school, so the office doesn't have to do so much work.
Penny: What my Mom- she works around the house, and she does really hard work and I appreciate her.  And she does beautiful stuff like she cuddles with me when I feel sad, she tells jokes to me and my brother and we really appreciate all of those stuff and we love our Mom.  She makes our breakfast really fresh and she makes pancakes sometimes, and it's really yummy- like Mickey Mouse ones with sprinkles.  And she always reads a book every night and me and both of my brothers love it.
Scott: What's special about my Mom is that she always does lots of laundry.  I like putting the Tupperwear out for dinner with her and I like the chicken that she cooks- it's really good.  And I hope that she has a great life.
Aydin: What I like about my Mom is my Mom sometimes plays with me and I get to help her cook.  And sometimes I get to go to my Mom's work.
Melayna: What my Mom does for me is bring me to school and I like about her every morning she always gets my clothes ready so I can put them on.
Natalyah: What I like about my Mom is that when I ask her when I could sleep with her for two nights, she says, "Yes".  And she gets me ice cream after my swim class.
Declan: What I like about my Mom is she made that yummy lasagna last night and that she sometimes always packs me that breakfast honey chocolate chip bar.  And that when I ask her if I can help her do something, she almost every time responds and says I can help her.  I like when she says that she'll watch us do biking on the cul-de-sac and that she always gives us reminders like when she's going to puppy school, she says something like, "Be good for Dad" or something like that.
Calvin: What I like about my Mom is that she always spends time with me when she can and she reads books at my bedtime, that me and Piper like.  I like when she goes out with me on special occasions.  She lets me play at things when we have time.  She usually makes breakfast by herself and she sometimes packs us treats.  What I like is she makes some of my favorite breakfasts.
Audrey:  What I like about my Mom is that she helps me with when I get hurt.  And at night, my Mom lets me stay in her bed for a little while.  I like cooking with her because we both have matching aprons.
Olivia: What I like about my Mom is that most of the time she makes me yummy breakfast and when I ask her if I can help her clean the house, she says yes.  And she always makes me lunch and snack for school.  I like cooking with her.
Damon: What's lovely about my Mom is when I wake up, her has breakfast already ready, so I don't have to ask her, "Can you make breakfast?" a lot of times.  And what I like doing with my Mom is watching TV.  I like when her lets me go places with her.

Thursday, May 11, 2017

Off To The Farm!

Hello families!

Here are the photos from our fun and special trip to Oma's Farm.  This is such a neat experience and also the grounds are full of unique activities and fun experiences not to be had anywhere else.  I personally liked the new water pump feature- such a cool idea!  I would like one of those set-ups for our yard!

I have been on this trip many times over the last 7 years and I still learned something.  Did you know that pigs can't sweat?  This came from our friends' great questions- they always come up with thoughtful things to ask that add to our experience (and always remind the experts how amazing kids can be!).

I LOVED how the kids were able to identify the steps of how the milk comes from a cow, to creamery, to store.  Some students were even having a debate whether they ought to start the time line (written in their journals) with the food mixture ("cereal") that the farmers make for the cows, since that is really where our milk comes from!  Many of them did start with the first step of the cows getting a shower, since they have to be washed before giving their milk!

I hope you get a chance to check out the kids' journal entries- their predictive process journal writing and then their entry after the field trip where they added the steps and parts of the process that they hadn't included in their first entry.  They are growing so much and are becoming such capable and dedicated writers!

THANK YOU so much to all the parent drivers who braved the hot day, the dust and who were "on" all day.  I especially loved that almost all of us adults took a turn on the cotton seed saucers.  SO FUN!  ;)  How many of your kids came home with them in their shoes, like me?

Have a beautiful week!  Love, Jennifer