Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Urban Octopus Print Shop Trip

Hello families!

I'm excited to share today's experience- it was very cool.  What a treat to get a glimpse into an artist's work and their printing process.

This was a pretty special experience and it was all given for free!  Such a generous community member.  Jere shared that he feels it is important for children to see and learn so he offered all this from the heart.

The kids were able to pull their own printed poster, to make their own wood magnet, print their own postcard and to use the button machine to make a pin or magnet!  So much fun!

He is also found at the Little Italy Farmer's Market if you wanted to get more prints or T-shirts or bags!  Here's his website:

Tomorrow, we plan to draw and write the steps of this printing process.  I know the kids will have a lot to discuss after doing this themselves and seeing it all in action.

Thank you so much to our family drivers!

Have a great night, Jennifer

PS Reminder- if you click on the photos, it will enlarge them and more like a slideshow!

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  1. What a wonderful field trip and learning experience!