Friday, April 7, 2017

Spring Exhibition Night and Our Fundraiser Booth!

Oh my, these kids are so great!

I loved watching them every step of the way- through researching the possible organizations, voting (only one student out of the bunch wanted to support another possible cause) listening intently to our student experts, designing and giving feedback to make awesome drawings, planning our booth, practicing selling and working with money, and then finally, the big week- selling to real customers!!!

So much hard and valuable work.  They were so proud!  This week we were able to have one of the experts from the partner organizations who liaisons with Hatch to Fly Free come to visit our class.  She is heading down to Costa Rica next week and shared all about her job and the work they are doing next, so we could know what our money is going towards!

Thank you to all the parents who volunteered to man our fundraising booth and support the kids as they learned this tricky and brave thing- working with customers and trying to sell a cause!

Here are some photos from the booth and at the end, from this week's visit with our expert from Intertwined.

Lots of love to you and your amazing children full of heart and desire to help others!

Love, Jennifer

Jenna, from Intertwined (who is flying down to work with Hatch To Fly Free) came to find out from the kids what they did to raise money, and then to answer more questions about her job and the organizations next steps.  She was very appreciative of all the hard work and beautiful merchandise the kids created, and that they care so much!

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