Friday, April 7, 2017

Cuyamaca Conservation Gardens!

Hello families,

It wasn't my intention to have us going on a field trip on the first day back from Spring Break (what!?!) but it is a testament to your children that we had a beautiful day without any issues.  They were very interested and enjoyed the beauty all around us.  Mrs. Smarty Pants was very informative and entertaining- even sharing magic tricks and a rap song for us- who knew?

Thank you so much to all the families who drove and helped:
~Amber, Kat, Marina, Danny, Fay and Chara
~To Brianna for being so caring and watchful
~To Molly, Brady's Mum, for planning this trip!

We learned about drought tolerant plants, about how to save water in our lives ourselves (keep your shower time low! exchange grass or smarter plants) and other things that are important to know to do our part for the earth.  A perfect way to kick off Earth Day Month!

I hope these photos will help your child share a bit more.  Thank you, also, to Amber for sharing some of her photos, too!

Have a beautiful weekend, Jennifer

PS We were enjoying the day so much, I forgot to grab a group photo- sorry!

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