Wednesday, February 1, 2017

What does Valentine's Day mean to you?

Hello families!

Hello families!

This was a sweet conversation we had about the meaning of Valentine's Day for this group of students.  I wanted to share this, but it was longer than making a page, so here it is, in it's entirety!  

Wishing you love and kindness everyday, Jennifer

Jennifer: What does Valentine's Day mean for you?
Kallie: It's when you give your mom or dad a valentine.
Calvin: Also, it's depending on your family and friends- like for a kind of thank you for being nice and being your friend.
Penny: A valentine is like a heart that you color in red and you say like what they did that you really appreciated about what they did for you.
Xavier: And I think it means like you could give some one a gift and they could give you a gift, too.
Steven: So, in- what Valentine's is is like you write a cared to someone and you say what you like about what they did and what they're doing so they like you.
Jennifer: So you give cards so people like you?
Steven: Mmhmm.
Scott: What I think what Valentine's Day is all about is giving treats to everybody that are your friends.
Jennifer: But, why?
Scott: Why?  It's because the people who you love takes really good care of you and the people that are your friends plays a lot with you, and they like you so much.
Jennifer: But do they like you because you gave them presents and cards?
Penny: No- it's because- they will like you if you're caring for them- like if someone goes wrong and they check on you and they might think they are nice and they care so they might go play with you.  Not just people who give cards.
Gabriel: No, that's kind-of- Penny and Steven's idea are kind of the same.  You can give people cards to be kind to them.
Jennifer: But not to make them like you?
Kallie: Because instead of doing that to make them like you, you could be nice to them, like help them up if you see them on the ground crying, you could get a teacher for them and that would be nice to them, and they might want to be your friend and say, "Oh, they're very nice, I should go play with them- I should b their friend".
Jennifer: So, it sounds like you're saying kindness is something you do everyday? So, what's Valentines Day for, then?
Gabriel: The difference that on Valentine's Day they expect cards and on normal days you help them up not in the form of a card.
Jennifer: So do you expect cards? 
Gabriel: You can or you can not.
Jennifer: If you are doing it because you feel like everyone expects you to, then is it from your heart?  Is it from your heart if you feel like you have to do it?
Many: No!
Penny: It's what you think is best, and if you want to do it, it's not their decision, it's your decision.  
Jennifer: So then, do you all feel like you have to give cards?
Many: No!
Calvin: It could be other valentines, too, 'cuz there's all different valentines in the world- caring for them.
Jennifer: So are you saying other kindness could be valentines, too?
Calvin- Yeah.
Penny: Like- help your mom. Like- do the laundry or do the dishes or clean up everything- you could help them.
Methilde: Do things so your parents don't have to do all of that hard work so you can have more fun with them.  
Scott: Or, another act of kindness is that we could give other people like some of our love.  
Kallie: Mine is like if your mom's taking care of your little brother or sister and your mom says she was going to do the dusting and you could remind her and if she's putting your little sister or brother to a nap you could just like dust the house yourself.
Xavier: Like if your mom says she has to clean, but she has to get dressed for her work, but she forgets to clean, you could, like, clean for her.
Sadie: Also, you could, when your mother is like doing something busy, like trying to get to sleep, you could just clean the house by dusting the floor and when they come back down they could see you cleaned the house.
Declan: Or you could tell them I love you, or something.
Lacey: Or you could help your mom, if she's busy doing something, you could help them do it.
Jennifer: So if friends do decide to make cards, go ahead and make them special, and if they don't come on the right day, because you needed more time, we will still be so thankful.
Gabriel: Also, if you didn't finish your cards on the right day, you could say to them that they're late valentines.
Jennifer: Is there such a think as "late" kindness?  
Calvin: It's just for fun.  If a family doesn't do valentines very much, you don't have to.
Scott: Like those earrings I gave you, from Poland, they didn't come right before Christmas.  They might be a late present, but the earrings were so fun that it was actually more fun to get them not on time!

(These kids and their deep thinking!!!  They remind us all what's important, eh?  Enjoy your acts of kindness- what ever they are and when ever they come!)

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