Thursday, February 23, 2017

Free Flight Field Trip!

Hello families,

I hope that your children have come home excited to share their Free Flight experience.  But if they didn't then I hope these photos help you share the moment with them!

I have been to this place three times now, but I still learn new things each time.  Did you know that some of these types of birds can live as long as 80 years?  We also learned that it can be hard to determine the age and sex of birds.  The experts there also conveyed to us how important it is that these types of birds get the proper care, and so reminded us of how much you have to think and commit before choosing a bird.  These birds are very social creatures, so this sanctuary is making such a special experience for birds that may not have had a nice one before this.  They are also a bird daycare- did you even know such a think existed?

It's open to the public, so it might be a fun trip to take together with your family!

Thank you so much to all our family drivers and helpers!  Have a great weekend, Jennifer

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