Thursday, February 23, 2017

Free Flight Field Trip!

Hello families,

I hope that your children have come home excited to share their Free Flight experience.  But if they didn't then I hope these photos help you share the moment with them!

I have been to this place three times now, but I still learn new things each time.  Did you know that some of these types of birds can live as long as 80 years?  We also learned that it can be hard to determine the age and sex of birds.  The experts there also conveyed to us how important it is that these types of birds get the proper care, and so reminded us of how much you have to think and commit before choosing a bird.  These birds are very social creatures, so this sanctuary is making such a special experience for birds that may not have had a nice one before this.  They are also a bird daycare- did you even know such a think existed?

It's open to the public, so it might be a fun trip to take together with your family!

Thank you so much to all our family drivers and helpers!  Have a great weekend, Jennifer

February's Songs and Poems

Hello families,

This short month has gotten away from me. I thought that I had already made this post, but it looks like I dreamt it...  Sorry!  So this post will be a reminder that on Tuesday, February 28th, at 8:45 am, our class will be performing some of our recent songs and poems for you!  We hope you can join us at drop off time that day!

This month I went with a bird theme, since we are studying tropical birds and also going to Free Flight Sanctuary.

Another reason I choose poems and songs are for spelling patterns that we can internalize through this ritual.  These songs have more words with silent e, more unique spellings and build on last month's -ght usage.

I also chose some for their shortness (to learn more easily in a shorter month) and also because the poem to go with the 100th day of school is longer (100 words!), but the use of rhyming helps with memorization, so the kids are getting it!

Another thing I was thinking about: I re-introduced Haiku, since I wonder if any students might be interested to try their hand at poetry!  If you and your child write some at home, please feel free to send them in to share with the class!

I hope you enjoy this month- I know I have.  Lovely Day has been a hit, and since this is my first year to use it, I'm so happy to see the joy in their faces and to hear how much they love it!  Isn't music amazing?

Have a great weekend, Jennifer

Thursday, February 9, 2017

100 Day Activities!

Hello Families!

Can you believe we've been in school for 100 days?  It's amazing.  The students shared some ideas of games or activities and I used them to make up the games for today!  It was pretty fun.

First we had a surprise that I had hidden 100 hearts around the room.  So then we needed to figure out how many each student could have for it to work out the same...  So we used gems to represent kids and then other gems to represent the hearts and we counted to 100 and then the kids were able to see that they would each be able to get 5 hearts.

For the activities, the class had 4 stations:

A bean bag game to practice identifying,  naming and writing all these bigger numbers (Using the giant 100s chart that the kids made!)

A pattern finding coloring station where the students were noticing and identifying patterns in numbers

A go-fish inspired name with the goal to try to collect cards that are numbers all in a row

A final activity to journal about the day's experience and or the 100 facts we researched on line...

Here are some of the facts:
  • Some animals that can live to be at least 100 years old include humans, Galapagos tortoises, ocean quahogs (clams), bowhead whales, tuataras (lizards endemic to New Zealand), and Greenland sharks.
  • People who reach the age of 100 are called centenarians. A person often receives a letter from the president/queen/king/alien overlord upon reaching her 100th birthday.
  • The gestation period for tigers is 100 days on average.
  • Despite the name, centipedes do not have 100 legs. All centipedes have an odd number of pairs of legs, which means the total number is never divisible by 4. A millipede, however, can have 100 legs. But despite its name, the highest number of legs ever found on a millipede was 750, not 1000.
  • In India, Israel, and Greece you must dial 100 to reach the police, not 911.
  • Hundred is a town in West Virginia. It got its name from a husband and wife pair of early settlers who both lived past the age of 100.
  • The state of North Carolina has exactly 100 counties.
  • It takes between 35 and 40 seconds to count to 100 out loud speaking quickly.
  • It takes between 75 and 80 seconds to count to 100 out loud speaking at a normal pace.
  • Counting from 1 to 100 makes you say 203 syllables.
  • If you write every number from 1 to 100, you will write 912 digits.
AND THIS ONE I DIDN'T SHARE but found quite interesting and you decide if you want to empower your child with this gem... ;)

  • A human farts about 100 times a week on average.
These were from a longer list found here:

To end the day, we used our calendar ritual to investigate place value and now we have 100 Days!

 Here's to many more fun days together this year!  Thanks for reading!