Sunday, January 22, 2017

January Songs and Poems


This month's poems have been fun, but when aren't they fun? An important part of this work is when the students take turns coming up to share something they notice in the language of the song or poem.  The kids are learning from each other every day!

The kids are making so many connections with spelling and utilizing them as a reference in their story writing, journaling, message writing and more.  It is so fun to see the light in their face when they have that quiet moment when they realize they know exactly where to find that word they need!

Here you see my winter themed choices, and also some fun ones that I hoped would be perfect for this time of year- to investigate rhymes, spelling and notice new letter teams, such as the silent e and the -ght.  The kids are taking the bait and are excited to be such spelling detectives!

English is such a confusing (and confounding!) language, that the only way to stay sane is to find fun ways to remember things.  Doing activities like keeping lists of words that have similarities or having words of the week that your family are looking together at can be great practices to start now, while they are young and are enjoying the fun of this kind of family connection!

We do these types of activities in class, and it always amazes me how each of our brains work differently- for instance I give out spelling words with certain ones in mind that I think could go together and the last layer in the activity is to ask the students to pair up or group up with others who have a word that has a similarity in spelling.  I always get excited to see the kids share new ways their words are connected- not just the ones I thought of.  This is the beauty of humanity, isn't it?  That each of us have a different perspective, learn differently and are passionate about different things!

Thanks for enjoying these songs this month with your children!  Have you played Help or Dancing in the Moonlight to sing along with them, yet?

Enjoy your beautiful, growing, amazing children!  Love, Jennifer

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Exhibition Work!

Hello Kindergarten Families!

What a lovely night that was!  It was very hard for me to take the work down, because it was so special.  The only thing that helped a lot was that I am so excited about the new investigations the students are interested in and I was having a lot of fun planning the new areas to invite (and excite) wonder!

Here are some photos of the special night!  I hope you can find a moment to look at them with your child- they did such a great job hosting and it is important for them to see themselves this way and to remember what brave, helpful and informative people they are!!!

Thanks for your patience in me getting this up- there were so many other things I was working on to start the new year, and I have been also practicing balance and to take care of myself and do things for me!  (Rejuvenate!)

Happy New Year, Jennifer

PS The beginning photos are of the students sharing their work with their 5th grade buddies!

Have a great week!