Thursday, November 10, 2016

Our First Field Trip- To Visit Jinx!

Hello families!

Our first field trip was very neat!  The kids may have been most amazed by how each office area was decorated with all of the gamer's most favourite figurine and art.  There were toys everywhere, which, as you can image, may be a dream come true as far as these children's ideal work space!  ;)

We learned more about how a company works together and how each worker's job connects to another's.  We got to see where they produce the t-shirts, where they take the photos for their website and where they work on all the other details to keep a business running.  They also answered the questions we sent to them so that the kids could hear more about what they were most curious about.  That was really nice.

Thank you to all of our family drivers for your help today!  It was a great practice for staying safe on a simpler trip so that when we go farther and on bigger trips we will be safe and ready!

Thank you also to Audrey's family- for her dad, Brian, for hosting us at his company, and for Brian and Kat, Audrey's mum, for coordinating and planning this trip!  So fun!

I hope you enjoy sharing these moments with your child and have a beautiful three day weekend!

Love, Jennifer

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