Friday, November 18, 2016

November Songs and Poems!

Hello families!

Time flies- this month had many blog posts, but not one about our songs and poems!  (Feel free to click on the image to make it bigger.)

I chose to go with these themes- rare/precious and special, since the kids are curious about gems and magic, I chose Some Days Are Stones and the Favourite Things song (since it's fun and) because of our continued exploration of how mindfulness strategies can help us and empower us, and the leaves poem was to go with the students' awesome party planning!

You may have noticed we are doing the month poems- these are written by Maurice Sendak, of Where The Wild Things Are...

I also wanted to share a glimpse into the types of discussions we have which come from our investigation of language, vocabulary and the messages the poet or song writers are trying to express.  This discussion was when we looked at Dream Dust, but it is always neat when a discussion connects to previous discussions and learning- they are making connections all the time!

Enjoy your holiday vacation!  Love, Jennifer

Jennifer: Why would you not sell it?  (The dream dust- from the last line in that poem)
Mia: Because it's too special.
Calvin: Maybe it only percent for one dream and all the rest is only for bad dreams each.  Because only the person that scoops it up could use it.
Xavier: Maybe it's easy to loose- maybe it was so small you could just see it a little bit.  It could make you have very good dreams.
Grace: Maybe the poem said it's not for sale because that dream dust has all the good dreams and if they sale it away they will not have nay more dreams.
Penny: Or maybe they didn't want to give it away because their dream will come true and they didn't want to give it away.
Jennifer: Does this go with our earlier conversation about the idea of precious or rare? (from our investigation of gems and minerals...)
Calvin: Yeah precious- because it's very, like what if it was the only one dream dust and you couldn't find it anymore if you go in a different state.
Scott: I think that this matches is that the cloud dust is very hard and precious and rare to find.  Why would you not want to sell it- is that maybe inside your dreams there might be special coins that might come out of the dream and go under your pillow.
Sadie: If there's dust and if it's precious because someone made it and if it is too hard to find then you shouldn't ask for more, then you will loose it.
Gabriel: Since all that hale was precious to make it.  If you didn't have the dream dust.  It'is hard to find since it's not snow, it's not ice, it's ice but tinier.

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