Thursday, August 25, 2016

Such a Sweet Back To School Night!

Wow!  What a lovely night!  I feel so lucky to have such dedicated and excited families.  Thank you all for coming out to meet and see the class.  Tomorrow I am going to read all your parent surveys and enjoy getting to know more about your children.

*Please make sure to read the two handouts as they have important and helpful info.  Also, please use the class supplies list tab above here to help you see what to bring.

If you are interested in donating a book or game for the class- check out our class wish list on amazon, to the left of this post!

I will sign off for now, but will leave you with photos from my travels and to share a little of my background (just in case you missed them in class).

I look forward to getting to know all of you this year and am so intrigued to learn more about your sweet children.  Lots of love, Jennifer

headband wearing childhood- age 5

My first nutcracker- age 5

My final Nutcracker!

My siblings, Julii, Geoff and Johanna

My parents, sisters and nieces and nephew

 My husband Jason and I in France

We drive down Baja each summer- here near Catavina

 In Biarritz, France

In Campeche, Mexico

This summer we went to Toronto, Montreal and Quebec City, where these falls were!
 (Higher than Niagra!)

 The bridge over the falls was pretty cool to cross!  
Montmorency Falls, Canada

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