Saturday, June 11, 2016

Second to last week of school- lots to share!

Hello families!

This has been an emotional week where friends said goodbye to Mason, who went to a family event, and this brought up others sharing that they are going to other schools next year.  There are so many emotions swirling around- excitement for summer, sadness to miss friends, feeling of achievement, feelings of worry of the future, etc.  I hope your family is having similar conversations so that the students' possible misconceptions and worries can be supported. We are trying to honor all these feelings and have a special final week!

This week was lovely in another way: after Monday's discussion in our Class Council (see reflection page), the kids felt very proud to make changes in their behaviors on Friday for our last sign language and nature studies classes.  Baby steps, but changing and being in charge of your behavior is big stuff!

Experiment Friday!  We were lucky to have Joshua's family sign up again- they created a thorough, hands-on presentation about sound and light.  The kids were very interested.  I hope these photos and their words inspire you to test out some of these simple experiments at home!  Thank you Andre and Teresa!

Language Arts:
Many of the students are really feeling empowered to use the spelling lists in the back of their journals.  They have also been noticing more words with -ght.  We are also in the end of our time with these songs and poems, so we are discussing the meanings and messages in them.  One question we discussed, "Why do you think this singer decided to put these two songs together? (About What a Wonderful World and Somewhere Over The Rainbow.)  What is your answer?

We worked on flexibility in changing skip counting when counting a handful including pennies, nickles and dimes.  At first many friends utilized repeats and were supported by our consistent practice, but by the end of the week, many friends were feeling pretty confident to organize and count on their own.  This is a simple and fun thing to practice over the summer- just give them a "handful" and support them as needed.  Part of the creativity is thinking ahead on how you can group things so that you can count faster- for instance if you have dimes and then four nickles, you can just continue to count by tens, if you group the nickels in twos...

Social Studies:
This week we flew to the Amazon in Brazil. Students learned about the unique species that live in the jungle. Students thought it was interesting that the Amazon is home of more unique freshwater fish and amphibian species than any other country anywhere else in the world!  Students also experienced dancing to Samba  which is a musical genre from Brazil.

Thank you for coming, families!  We wanted to offer this chance for the kids to show their hard work this year!

In Robotics students were able to demonstrate their learning in programming to families. Students were able to show how using the Robots  helps them practice estimation, problem solve, sequencing and logical thinking. Some of the challenges students were excited to show involved making shapes, angles, estimation to hit bulls eye and knocking down blocks.

Wishing you a beautiful last week of school!  Love, Jennifer

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