Sunday, June 5, 2016

Presentations of Learning! (And other learning to celebrate!)

Hello families,

What a busy, yet exciting week!  We finalized the work that was going into the class Animal Poetry book, and I was able to put in the bulk order!  So exciting.  I can't wait for you to see their work all together in that format!  It should be here the last week of school, at the latest...

Coin practice and time discussions- skip counting is pivotal for both and the students are making relationships between these separate concepts because of skip counting!

Estimation jar- We checked our estimation jar this week. Students decided to count by 5s so they  can practice  their skip counting.  Students  said that counting by 5s would help them count faster. They also mentioned  how when the jar seems to have a lot of items, their  estimate  would be  a big number. 

Social Studies/ Science:

This week the class "went" to Argentina! Students learned about the components  that make a mineral. Students  learned  some characteristics  of the  mineral Rhodochrosite, it was interesting to know how this mineral is created from water drippings and dissolved minerals.


We also did a simple experiment on Friday that you can replicate at home.  Because there is a line in "Somewhere Over The Rainbow", I thought it would be fun to experiment with the concepts of dissolving, instead of me explaining the line, "Where trouble melts like lemondrops..."

We used room-temperature water to see how these four things dissolved: raw honey, raw sugar, salt and baking soda.  The students wrote their predictions and their reason behind them.  Then we saw the results.

 Our final experiment was to look as a group at the difference in these four experiments done with boiling water...  The whole experience inspired many students to share that they want to experiment with other solids!

Science/Language Arts:

The overlap of work is always at hand, since we don't learn things in isolation.  For language Arts this week, one of the most exciting part, for me, was that the students' journaling experiences were so positive and focused.  For the journal topic of what they are proud of recently (so much to be proud of- POLs, animal poems and paintings...) so many of the children shared that they felt like this was an example of their best and longest writing abilities to date!  I hope you can get a chance to check out their journals next week, if you didn't already see them laid out for you last week!

This was the case in their science predictions, too. They felt more confident quickly getting their predictions on paper, and most students didn't need a lot of support or reminders, but followed the documentation plan qucikly and effectively in order to keep their own 'field notes".


The students worked so hard to practice for their POLs!  Many were nervous and all were helpful with others- giving suggestions, tips, support and encouragement!  It was a beautiful time of celebration.  I think many friends went away from this week realizing they are even more capable than they thought.  (Most of the simple photos I took before their presentations came out- but I imagine you each have even better memories from these sweet moments!)

Thank you, again, for coming to make the POLs so lovely.  I hope you felt as proud as we did in class!  Your dedication to your children is so important and reminds our society that we value our future generation as a whole!

Have a beautiful final two weeks of school!  Love, Jennifer

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