Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Our last week together!

Hello families,

Thank you so much for a beautiful year.  Your children were caring, reflective, hard-working, joyous, creative, deep-thinking, funny, kind, and so much more.  Thank you to all of you parents who supported our class in so many ways- you made it easier!  And thank you so much to Clara for being so much more than an assistant- she is thoughtful, motivated, willing to try new things and so helpful to the kids and I.  Lots of love!

A few last memories:

Our last moments with our 5th grade buddies:

Baking- This week we made bread, berry spread and fresh butter for a tea party that I threw for the kids.  There were some great science inquiry questions (see the reflection page...) and a lot of fun.
Mixing the bread (cooked in the crockpot):

Here is the recipe we used...

Making the berry spread:

Dancing our cream into butter:

Enjoying our work at the tea party:

The end of the year party- Animals in the jungle on a summer night...  Thank you for all the help and tasty food!

Have a beautiful summer full of love, adventure and laughter!  Love, Jennifer

PS Please come back and visit anytime!

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