Sunday, June 5, 2016

June Poems

Hello families!  Happy June!

Since it is our last month together this year, I wanted to choose poems with sweet messages to send the kids off with.

"Library" and the untitled one are hopefully reminders for things to enjoy during summer!

We added "Somewhere Over The Rainbow" to last month's "Wonderful World" to sing and learn this beautiful version!

I love the ideas that "How You Live" remind us to reflect on- it is the concept the kids have been working on all year- making their choices and behaviors reflect the types of people they are trying to be.  This can then become a model for others, without needing to lecture!

"Pick Yourself Up" is a fun song that I love from the movie Swing Time...  Here is a clip of the part of the movie that it is from...

(The backstory is the Fred sees Ginger and is inspired to follow her into her work, where she is a dance teacher.  He decides to pretend he cannot dance so that he can have lessons from her.  When her boss hears her say that he is unteachable, because he keeps messing up, she gets fired...  So Fred has to show that he really can dance, and DOES, to get her job back, leading to a great dancing team!)

which leads to... this- one of my favourite all time dance videos... (Which I will show the kids...)

I hope each of us remembers to stay positive when we "fall"!  And maybe the dancing can remind us that if you practice hard and put your heart into something, you can become a joyous expert in that field!

And, "Best Day Of My Life" is whimsical, fun and a student favourite, so I wanted to do it at the end of this year, again!

Has your child been singing any of these at home?  Do you have a favourite?  If so, please write in the comments!

Lots of love and happy almost summer!  Love, Jennifer

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