Sunday, June 19, 2016

Happy Father's Day!

Happy Father's Day!  Thank you for being dedicated, caring and present with your kids.  You make us laugh, take us places and make sure we feel safe. 

Enjoy your day!

Alana: He cooks food for me and he takes care of me and he's a really good Dad to me.  When he feels upset or mad I always give him a hug and I tell him, "What's wrong?"  I like going to the park with him and I like playing with him.  
Gabriel: I like playing with him.  I like playing Nurf guns with him.  I like to go to the trails with my Papa.  I like to read comic books with my Papa. He takes care of us and sometimes he goes off skating when my Mommy's home.  I like that he makes dinner for us sometimes.  Well, I like the artichoke and the most favorite part that I like is the artichoke heart.
Faeyt: I like that he fixes my Mom's cars and everyone's cars. He's nice to me when we go on Saturdays.  Sometimes we go to music class and then we go to my uncle's house.  He helps get money for us- while my mom is off all day because we're gonna have a business.  I feel cozy with my Dad when I sleep and he says, "Good night" so nicely.  
Caleb: He makes breakfast almost everyday for me.  He sometimes makes pancakes or that's mostly the yummiest thing.  I like going on easy hikes with my Dad.  I like going to Legoland with my Dad.  I probably like doing everything that I like doing with my Dad.  He reads books to me at night and it feels good.  
Gabe: What works about my Dad is that he makes money all the time so we can have more money to buy food and clothes.  I like sometimes I play games with him. He makes new jokes.  He plants plants all the time he's buying new plants and planting them.  I appreciate him for making breakfast everyday.
Grace: What my Dad does for me is he helps me learn about electricity.  He also helps me know how to build stuff like robots.  He's also creative with stuff.  I like going to stores with him because anytime we're going to a store he's always buying some stuff to build something.
Reese: Well, what makes me feel comfortable with him and cozy with him is when he lets me snuggle with him in his bed when I had nightmares.  And I appreciate him for driving me to school most of the time and I miss him a lot.  He also helps me build my things with my very own tools that are real, instead of toys.  It helps me build toys.  He's caring and when he makes me stuff he just like randomly makes cool stuff without even thinking, 'cuz he already knows how to make them.
Joshua: What I like doing with my Dad is running to the park near our house.  I also like that my dad plays with me a lot.  He listens to me what I say.  
Kale: What I do with my Dad is when every time it's nighttime then he hugs and kisses and when it's morning every time, I tell him that I'm gonna go to the playground near my house and I tell him that I'm going to play.  I like playing some games with my Dad.  And he's telling me that I need to read new books.
Rachel: My Dad helps me when I need help and he helps me feed my ducks and chickens.  I appreciate him for taking care of me and buying me chicks.  He helps me take care of animals that we find in the wild.  We see that they're hurt so we take care of them and after they're better then we let them go again.  I appreciate him for reminding me to let them go before they die.  I also appreciate him 'cuz he makes popcorn for our family and he also makes homemade cake and other homemade treats.  And appreciate him for snuggling me in his bed.  I appreciate him for taking care of me and my brother.
Analee: Why I appreciate my Dad is that he helps our family and that we play games on our trampoline.  He sometimes brings me to school.  He tells really funny jokes.  
Leah: I appreciate my Dad for playing basketball and playing baseball and playing soccer with me with the next door neighbors.  I appreciate him for doing puzzles with me sometimes.  I appreciate him for playing with me in the bath and putting me to bed sometimes.
Alyzabeth: My Dad is caring and helpful for me.  And he also,  when I ask him something, he just lets me.  I like playing games with him.  Whenever I want to get in his bed, he lets me get in his bed.
Olivia: What my Dad does for me that I appreciate my Dad for doing is taking me to fun places and for helping me doing crafts and for taking me to the pool.  He plays with me a lot.
Kellan: What I appreciate my Dad for doing yesterday when we were at my grandma's house, he jumped in the pool without me noticing and he splashed the cold water all over me.  It was funny.  Sometimes he reads books to me.  
Sienna: What I appreciate about my Dad is that he plays games with me and he goes places with me and he cooks dinner for me.  He sings songs.
Parker: I appreciate my  Dad for taking me to the police's house on last Monday.  I also appreciate him for cooking dinner.  I appreciate him for taking me to the Firehouse.  I appreciate my Dad for taking me to the pool.  I like when he does puzzles with me.
Mary: What I do with my Dad every night is I color with him in his bed.  I sleep with my Dad every single night in my Mom and Dad's bed.  I appreciate my Dad for taking me to the park that I had near my old house.  

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