Monday, May 9, 2016

Happy Mother's Day!

Happy Mother's Day!
Thank you for being such a loving influence in their lives.  Each of you do so much to support your family, so I am wishing you a beautiful day and year.  I hope you enjoy reading a little of what the kids shared that they love about you as their Mum!  Lots of love, Jennifer

Analee:  She helps me make my lunch.  I like that she lets me do lot of things.  I like to go out with her.  There's so much things, it's hard to do just one.  One of the things that's helpful, is that she says yes to a lot of things.  Thank you for letting me play with my neighbors.  Thank you for letting me go to Chris' house a lot and see Charlie.  And also go with my friends there.  I appreciate that you fold the laundry and let me help, too.
Kellan: So I love when she sometimes, when we're going to an airport at night time, she wakes me up and reminds me and it makes me very excited.  Every week she gives me hugs and kisses. When she brings me to school, she says good-bye- she also gives me hugs and kisses when she says goodbye.  When she's picking me up and we're going to pick up my brother, she sometimes lets me play on the red playground.  Sometimes she plays Miles from Tomorrowland with me.
Caleb: I love when she sleeps with me, but she doesn't really like it, but she always does what I want her to do- kind of.  I appreciate that she helps me learn because I'm a three-day friend.  And she also, one time, she also helped me make a necklace and now she lets me wear it.  I like to make stuff with her- kind of.  She sometimes gets me new shoes, like yesterday, and she got me some velcro shoes.
Gabriel: Well, when I get hurt she put on Neosporin and she comes, when she's home.  I like to cuddle with her.  I like to play with her.  Well, sometimes we just work together to make things, and I appreciate her helping me find things when I don't know where they are.  I like painting with her.  She works to get money for our family.
Faeyt:  She makes me stuff a lot.  She always hugs me when she missed me.  I like to make hats and stuff with her.  And I like to make stuff for my friends with her.  And she always let me do make something for her, like I made a watercolor one time and she was really happy.
Mary: She makes breakfast for me and my brothers. She makes yummy breakfasts.  For breakfast she makes me, sometimes, waffles, and pancakes and eggs.  What makes her a special mom is that when my daddy's not here she cuddles with me when I'm feeling scared because my daddy's not there to cuddle with me.  I like it when she watches me on the playground.
Alyzabeth: She helps me with words I don't know.  She also helps me when I'm nervous or scared.  I love what she does for me is that she also helps me when I don't like the dark and I come into her room, she says I can watch a little bit more shows.  She lets me cook with her.
Parker: She cooks me dinner. I like her pizza that she makes.  I like cooking with my mom, sometimes.  I like playing with my mom.  I like swimming with my mom.  I like going grocery shopping with my mom.  She goes to work so we can have our car and our house.  She drives our car when we have to go somewhere.  She helps us make art.
Rachel: She snuggles me.She helps me when I need help.  She is really good at cleaning the clothes for us.  She helps us with the chores.  She is really nice to me and doesn't hurt me.
Kale: She makes dinner.  And she gets the groceries that she needs.  She's being nice and she gives me hugs and kisses.She makes Payton and me go to school in our car.  I like when my mom does the right thing for my family.  I like doing some games with her.
Mason: When I'm sad, she takes care of me.  I like spending time with her when she's not doing anything.  She's a nice mom.  She loves on me.  I love that she makes ribs.
Olivia: She always helps us with our messages when we're making some.  She lets us help cook with her, sometimes.  She kind of brings us to the wild animal park once in a while. She always helps us even though she's sick.  She takes us to the restaurant and I get to sit next to her.
Gabe: She makes food for us and buying food. She works in our church so we can have worksheets in our church.  And what she does for me is kind of like tell me about what the second grades and the first grades are gonna do.  I like playing games with her.
Joshua:   My mom always makes me lunch and dinner all the time, and also breakfast a lot.  It has something that I- a secret ingredient that I don't know what it's called.  When you put it in pancakes, it's very good- and pizza- it's very good.  When I say I want something, she gives it to me when I want something.  I like that we get to go places that I never been before.
Grace: She tries so hard to make dinner.  She lets me sleep with her.  She lets me play with her Ipad.  She helps my aunt when she's hurt.  She tells me that she needs to go somewhere, before she goes  because I might miss her.She tries her best at work to help people.
Leah: What my mom does for me that make her sweet is that she always puts me to bed is that sometimes she gives me hugs and she makes snacks for me and sometimes she drives me to the parks and play-dates.  She lets me go to places with her.  She makes food for us.  It makes me feel special that she always comes near me when I'm scared and shy.
Sienna: What she does for me is that she makes me dinner and she always takes care of me and she watches movies with me.  I appreciate that she always takes care of my sister for me so I can have a sister.  I also like going to the park with her and riding my bike with her.
Reese: My mom's special because she always lets me go on the trampoline when it's not too late.  She tucks me to bed and she always gives me kisses and hugs.  What I like doing with her is going to the movies and going to dinner with her and going to Legoland with her.  I love her.

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