Sunday, May 1, 2016

Coins, time, dragons and the Galapagos...

Hello Families,

We had another lovely week together.

Language Arts:
Teacher Appreciation-
This week we brainstormed all the people in our lives that feel like teachers to us. This was the first year that I have done this where the kids included their parents and siblings in this!  Such a group of deep thinkers!  Each student plans to choose one of these teachers so that they, too, will get a special appreciation from our kids.  We are so lucky to have many beautiful people that support and effect these students' lives!  Here is their list:

Story Starter-
One of this week's journal prompts was a story starter.  I love doing this because it reminds us all about how each person is so unique and has their own creative ideas.  I hope you might get a chance to share in your own family how each of you would finish this story...  (See the reflection page in your email...)


Coin organization- the kids are practicing how they can organize coins so that they can try skip counting with them- example 5 pennies together, and a nickle will be able to count as a ten.  In counting, organization can make or break the ability to accurately solve the problem, so this is an important step.  This weekend, if you find a quiet moment, get out a handful of coins and have some fun seeing all the grouping options!

We also learned about the dime, and that was a bit of a social studies moment, too- since we talked about who President Franklin Roosevelt was.  (See your email for that reflection page...)

Time- Introduction
We are beginning to use our skip counting for learning this tricky skill!  The kids were intrigued and are beginning to figure out the difference between each hand's use.

Shadows-   This week Clara did an activity to prompt students to begin discussing how shadows work. Since the students are interested in animals, she used images to offer the students a jumping off point for their ideas.  We look forward to seeing how this exploration unfolds in the coming weeks!

Science Experiment:
Thank you to Joy, Leah's mum, for planning and presenting Friday's experiment!  This was a fun one, as it expands and billows out of the bottle!  Here is the instructions, if you would like to do it again at home!

Sharing our predictions!

Social Studies:

We "went" to Ecuador on Friday!  I was noticing that all the countries we have"visited" so far have been in the northern hemisphere.  I was also thinking about the kids' interest in animals, so I chose Ecuador, which is mostly in the southern hemisphere, even though it is also on the equator.  I chose it because I thought they would be interested in the unique animals in the Galapagos Islands!  They were.  Here are some links we looked at, and a few we didn't...
I am going to publish this, as blogger has been sluggish and finicky---  hopefully it works!  (and sorry for it not being as polished, as of right now it won't let me go into it, and I want to have a little bit of weekend instead of continuing to battle it!  :)  Have a beautiful weekend!  Love, Jennifer

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