Friday, May 20, 2016

A Fun-filled week!

Hello Families!

So much to share, so little time.  Clara is doing such a dedicated job planning her teaching days and on those days I have been working on some special projects with the kids on the side, and also doing end of the year assessment. Some of this blog is written by her to share as much of the kids' experience!  Uploading photos is taking long, so I may put less in this week...

Enjoy reading this with your child!  Love, Jennifer and Clara

Learning about animals!
This week we learned more about these six animal types: Wild Cats, Lizards, Dogs, Fish, Zebras and Birds.

We looked at adaptations on their bodies- for instance birds' beaks and feet types and on fish in this video:

And here's an interesting one we didn't look at:

Friday experiment:
Will it Sink or Float? Students were given different objects (wax, fabric, wood) to predict what will happen to them. Students are practicing making hypotheses.  After writing down their predictions, kids were able to test their ideas.

Language Arts:
We learned two new poem formats: the Diamante and the Cinquain.  See the reflection page I created about this in your weekly email!  Friends are beginning to use the four formats we know to make their own animal poems!

Students were given a writing prompt, a story starter.  They were able to use their creativity and imagination to add to the story. Check out their journals to read more about the story.

The kids are making new connections while trying to learn how to tell time.  It is exciting to see friends realize they can do parts or the whole of being able to read a clock!  We will continue practicing all of the skills that have to work together to make bring confidence in this ability!

Here's the Clock Hands brainstorm they created about what they know so far, before they began practicing...

Students also practiced skip counting by 2's. Each child had two rocks, we took turns putting them down. As kids were placing the rocks down, we kept track on the count on the board. We counted to 26. Students noticed how they had to add 2 to get to the next number.  Also they saw how the ones place is increasing by 2.

We did a little activity with our Animal Day to help the students connect with the number lenghts and what that looks like in reality.  Many of the kids enjoyed seeing exactly how long each littler lizard was...

Social Studies:
This week we went to Canada!  Students were really amazed  learning about  the Niagara Falls. Most of them said they want to go visit. Another place kids thought it was interesting was the Hotel de Glace. It is a hotel that is fully made out of ice!

Social Awareness:
Please see your weekly email about the interesting needs and wants discussion that the students held.  Here is the group brainstorm that they created.  What would be on your list?

Enjoy your weekend!

(Here is a photo of something I might finish this weekend- a knit blanket for my new niece using wool from my late grandmother's stash...)

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