Friday, May 6, 2016

A busy week of fun surprises!

Hello Families,

This week our class was in a giving frenzy!  They each prepared both a teacher appreciation message for a teacher outside of our class, and your mother's day gifts!  I can't imagine how excited and proud they will feel this weekend, since they were already exclaiming about this all week.  I imagine they had a tough time keeping the secret!

They and you were so lovely with all the beautiful Teacher Appreciation theme days!  So much giving!  Thank you so much for all your extra work to make sure we know we are appreciated!

Here is a quick glimpse of the week before I head up to be with my family and meet my new niece!  (CAN'T WAIT!)

Language Arts:  This week was a beautiful sign of how far the kids have come in their writing skills.  We brainstormed a list of steps and things to remember in order to create meaningful messages and cards.  Then the students used the list to help them be more autonomous in their work process.  We have been adding the layer of editing your work, and a separate brainstorm page helped with this!

Social Studies:
We were so lucky to have Gabe and his Mum, Susie, share images from their trip to visit their family in South Korea.  It was neat to see him share and the kids were excited to see how he got to go on a submarine, to see a volcanic island and to go to various places around that country.  Gabe did a great job speaking and sharing so much about it!

Also, Gabe's family gave out special stamping sticks that were personalized for each student with their name in Korean!  What a lovely gift!

Telling Time!  We practiced this skill more this week, and looked at the tricks and tips of how to begin deciphering the hands and how we answer the question, "What time is it?"

Science:  We looked and listened to how clocks work on these videos...  I am also including a few videos we didn't look at yet, if you would like to explore the topic further.  The kids were excited to realize that they knew many of these parts from our exploration of simple machines!

I will sign off and go pack for this weekend up the coast.  I am so excited to meet our newest addition to the family and to see my other nieces and nephew.  Have a lovely weekend, Jennifer

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