Monday, April 11, 2016

Songs and Poems: March and April

Hello families,

Last month was so exciting and busy that I didn't get a chance to post the songs and poems.  If there is anyone out there who, like other families in the past, is trying to keep track and do something with these for your child, I am doubling up on this post, so that they will all be up.

This month we are diving into animal research, as the kids are so interested in this!  I changed the room to follow this theme and put out many new things to help them learn more.  I also chose to use this as an inspiration for the songs and poems.  Together we looked at how many we will have left (if we continue to learn 5 a month) and how many students will get to take home a third poem...  So with that in mind, I found some shorter ones for us to learn and we looked at haiku again.  So we will have more to learn each month to help everyone get three, and to learn more fun poems!

The new songs and poems- April!

I now see that this image came out blurry, but wanted to get this post up. I will exchange the image when I am feeling better and back at school!

Last month's songs and poems- March!

I would love to hear which songs and poems you and your children like. Please comment below!  Have a great day, Jennifer

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