Friday, April 15, 2016

Free Flight Exotic Bird Field Trip!

Hello families,

Thank you so much for helping us be prepared in the particular ways this trip requested.  It was crazy to see the kids in such dull clothing, since they are usually so bright in so many ways!  ;)  It was a really special experience, and the fact that the kids were able to stay so calm and focused and had so many great questions, we were able to stay longer and learn a lot.  Even though I have been there before, I learned new things, for instance birds name their eggs and so when the birds hatch, they already respond to their name!  So interesting.

The guide was helping the students to realize what social creatures birds are, and that they have a lot of emotions and reactions just like we might.  The class was also especially interested to hear that these birds are close relatives to dinosaurs.  I hope your child was able to share their excitement and also that these photos will help them give you more of a tour!

Thank you to Dawn for coordinating the day, to Clara for being such a helpful co-teacher and to Paul, Jennever, Angela, Stephanie, Joy and Leah's grandmother for helping to  keep us safe and learning.  We were lucky to have lunch on this beautiful day at the beach.  It was so hard to pack up and head out because at the end of the trip the students spontaneously began rolling down the hill and were having such a lovely time under the sea air!

Have a beautiful weekend!  Love, Jennifer

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