Monday, April 11, 2016

A short and sweet week

Hello families,

Last week was a nice way to return together after vacation.  I hope you enjoyed yours!  Clara and I both caught this stomach bug that is going around, and I hope to be back to 100% soon.  Here is a little glimpse into last week.

Enjoy, Jennifer

The kids eased back into school by creating their own equation illustrations.  I hope you can find a chance to check these out in person.  They are very sweet.  This stimulated a great discussion, which I will be sharing in a reflection page, soon.  This work will also help us lead into story problems in a genuine and fun way!

The class was transformed to include learning about animals in many of the stations.  The kids are very interested!  For one of our Game Day activities, we used a bird bingo to practice reading and learning the various names of birds from around the world.

Language Arts-
Something you can try at home- we used pieces and parts of other games to create a new activity for our morning meeting.  This was helpful to practice sight words- for both recognition and for spelling them from memory.  We used cards, a spinner and dice with letters on them to create the challenges that the kids took turns doing.  What games from games will you create at home?

Working At Open Choice- Lots of options
I hope your child can share a bit about these!

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