Monday, March 28, 2016

That Special Exhibition Week!

Hello Kindergarten Families!

What a lovely week!  We were on such great time, so we were able to be mellow and enjoy the week.  We took many moments to rewatch prior videos we had learned from and then practice hosting.  We also were able to host our 5th grade buddies, as well as the Kindergarteners from Gaby's class and the K-2 Homeschooling class.  This was great practice in explaining our learning to others, as well as to help us feel ready for the big night!

I will keep this short, since I have another post to make for the big night.

Skip counting- seeing it large!  We used the giant hundreds chart on the big yard to practice evens and odds, counting by 5s and 10s and to have fun moving around along the way.

We also played two kinds of go-fish: ten friends go fish, and doubles go fish, including keeping track of our equations on paper.  The goal is for the students to internalize the structure of equations, to remember the function symbols and what order they go in and to begin memorizing the sums of doubles, and or cinch up the ten friends number relationships.  This is something you can easily do at home, just take the kings, queens and jokers out of each deck, and remind the students that the ace is a 1.

Language Arts:
Having our work up on the walls really reminded the students about how much they have grown this year so far!  Many of the students were exclaiming that they were challenging themselves to write more sentences and feeling so proud when it was more effortless to do so!

This week I offered a time to make cards, since we had three potential people to write to: Gabriel, since he has been so sick and his birthday was Wednesday and he wouldn't be able to make it to Exhibition, Brian, since he was moving to another school, and Paul to say thank you for coming to teach us about fire safety!  In quite a short amount of time the students were able to write special messages, draw and colour their work.  I took photos, since it was so lovely and a beautiful reminder that they are feeling so capable!

Science: We re-watched many videos to practice the academic language and how to explain what we know to others this week for Exhibition.  Check the previous blog entries for these.

We also made cookies on Friday with Clara!  She did lots of research and made sure to find ingredients that everyone could eat.  Here is the recipe- it was VERY tasty and you would never know that it wasn't a "regular" cookie!  :)  Almost every child asked for and ate their second one!  Thank you, Clara!

Well, I will sign off for now so that I can work on other things.  Stay tuned for a post on Exhibition Night itself.  Wishing you a lovely Spring Break!  Love, Jennifer

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