Saturday, March 12, 2016

Reading, Skip Counting and Fire Safety

Hello Families,

Thank you for your help and support!  I am excited about the kids' work for Exhibition and for them to have the chance to share it.

We are still working on using a number line with confidence and also skip counting.  The grouping that the students see in the Math Talks is helping them to see how skip counting can be so useful.  If you find moment of fun in games and or in the car, keep practicing counting by 10s, 5s, 2s, 3s.  This takes time and also the understanding that the numbers we do not say are still there, just not being said.  Complex!

Language Arts-

I can't wait to share more about the titles these students came up with for their beautiful sunflower paintings.  We looked at each one and how it made us feel and shared descriptive words that came up from looking at them.  They brainstormed so many unique words!

3-clues Mystery Box-
Here's another installment and I hope we can continue this soon...

We have also been working on the spellings of the question words we use.  Before the friends asked their questions for the presenter, we looked again at these spellings for our sight words/spelling basket archive.  Each time one was used, I held it up to see which ones we use. In this ritual, the kids use the word "does" the most to start their questions.

Reading pracitce-
In our ongoing work to practice as readers, we took some time this week to share our abilities as presenters in meeting.  It is exciting to see how many friends are feeling more confident in their sight work knowledge, sounding out, page scanning and context referencing skills.  They also shared a synopsis of the book, or something you might notice in the book, before reading a few pages.  They are becoming such confident people- being in front of a group doing more skills!


We continue to investigate both plants and simple machines.  Our work to investigate graphic design concepts and diagram clarity has helped the students to take on testing new ways to share the information they are learning!

This week we read more about the various types of seeds for plants and how they germinate.  The kids were very interested in how bees and hummingbirds are involved, and in the fact that the wind even pollinates, too!

Science and Social Studies-
Fire Safety-

We were also lucky to have Analee's Dad to join us to teach us about fire safety and more about his job as a fire fighter.  I created a page about this, so please check the weekly email.  I hope this discussion will be helpful as we move into investigating how candles work, so that the students realize the respect needed for using this tool- fire.

***Please take some time to talk about what your family's guidelines about the use of fire are, and also what your family's safety plan is!

There is always so much that goes on, but with the internet being VERY slow and me trying not to be sick, I will finalize this post.  Wishing you a beautiful weekend, Jennifer

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