Sunday, March 6, 2016

Leap for Learning!

Hello families!

I hope you had another nice week.  We did.  It was nice to see many of you at the park on Saturday, too!  Here's a glimpse into our week...

Leap year!  We calculated how old the kids will be the next time there is a February 29th.  We also practiced leaping and measurement together, out in the park.  Leaping can be tricky, since we are used to landing on two feet for jumping.  Something to practice!

Language Arts-

We practiced our penmanship and spelling by working on the question words- who, what, where, why, when, which, how.  We looked at similarities in their spelling and words that are almost the same in some ways.  Since our Exhibition Inquiry is about how things work, we will be using these words a lot!  If you want to practice these as spelling words at home, that would be very helpful!

3-Clues Mystery box- This has been so fun!  This week we had a cool coincidence where the day we looked up Hungary and found out that the Rubik's Cube was invented there, Gabe already had a Rubik's cube in the box as his mystery!  Crazy how these things happen!
Here are a few recent memories for you.

Social Studies-  As well as looking at the route we would be taking to the Miner's Gem, and illustrated maps of Old Town, we also "went" to Hungary this week.  We found out that both the ball point pen and the Rubik's Cube were invented by people from Hungary.  We looked at the traditional clothes and architecture as well as the food- I found out that goulash is from there!  Maybe you might look up more about this country together at home!


Here are some videos we looked at this week to learn more about how plants grow and what they need.  The kids were pretty interested in the time lapse one, as it is so fun to see this happening at such a speed!  They already are remembering the vocab- stoma, stomata, photosynthesis...

We began some investigations to help look at veins and plant growth.  This is two simple things you can do with celery!

We are also working on sunflower drawings and paintings to go with our plant investigation.  I am loving how detailed the students are, especially because it shows how many of the plant parts they are noticing!

These are going to be so special!  The kids are working so carefully and documenting so many details!

Well, sorry to take so long to publish this weekend.  Have a great night, Jennifer

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