Sunday, February 7, 2016

Off to Egypt and other adventures...

Hello Families,

Sorry for getting this out later, but there was so much going on last week and on Friday during my planning time.  Yesterday I went to a wedding shower for Jason's cousin, which was fun and decadent (a tea party!) and I am finally getting to finish uploading all the photos!  Enjoy!

Experiments continuing the investigation about how balls and wheels perform- this week our control was an incline, and our variable was weight.  (See reflection page for more!)

Getting ready for our next celebration-
The kids have brainstormed many great ideas!  I can't wait to see what they decide to go with and how they actualize the party. Stay tuned for more info and sign-ups on how you can help!

We were doing activities to tighten up our understanding of the 10 friends and also place value.  Continued practice helps the students begin to use their knowledge in a more rote, confident way!

Social Studies:
This week we "visited" Egypt, since it is one of the countries mentioned in our new song, "Love Train".  The students were interested in the desert and the river contrast.  We also looked at the language and how it looks different, as well as hieroglyphics.  We looked at the nomad lifestyle and how living in the desert can be very different- even talking about how they need to rely on the stars for navigation.

Here is a link to one of the pages we learned from:

Language Arts- 
We continue to practice the skills that need to come together to read- scanning the illustrations and using the context, identifying sight words and sounding out/word attack skills.  We use the morning message in a variety of ways to give peers chances and to continuously model these for each other.  So many friends are becoming more confident and are remembering more letter blends (we call them letter teams).  We have been especially looking out for: ar, er, or, th, ch, sh, ing lately.  We have vowel and letter team posters that the kids have been seeking out on their own, which really empowers them as they read and write.  (These are great to make your own copies of at home, if you think that might help!)  The students are also still using our sight word bank when they write!

We continue to think about the difference between key words (as in for a word web- this week about Egypt!) and writing whole sentences.  This can be a challenge, and many students are trying to challenge themselves to write more!

To continue our exploration of the Growth Mindset and of honoring our abilities, vs being hard on yourself about the skills that have yet to come, the class combined a morning share in partnerships with their journals.  First each friend found a recent journal entry and shared something they felt proud of, they are getting better at, or works about that entry.  Next, their partner shared something they noticed works, too.  Finally, the class came together and partners who wanted to, shared the thing that works about their partner's recent writing!  This was a fun moment for friends to realize they are having success in all the practice of tricky skills!

Well,  I will stop adding photos, or I will never publish this!  I hope you enjoyed the glimpse into our week- there's always so much I could share.  Come on in to check things out for more, always!  Have a beautiful day, Jennifer

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  1. We've been creating math games at home too and I see a big difference in Alana's enthusiasm to learn. I would love to learn more about the math game you played in the photo.

    Thank you for all the fun exercises you have been doing in class to help boost their confidence in different skill sets. I like that they are able to discuss what's working with partners so they can recognize that everyone has their own strengths and also recognizes their hard work.

    We also made posters about the different sounds the vowels make. I have to make a poster for all the letter teams next. It's so exciting to see them growing.