Friday, February 19, 2016

Ferdinand Concert, 100s chart and more!

Hello Families,

These four day weeks fly by!  And with a field trip day, that just makes it go even quicker!  Here are a few things we did this week, and one from last week, since I had left my camera at school and didn't get to post this...

Since so many students brought in Valentines, we had to create bags to take these home in.  So then we did a simple appreciation activity (which we do often in lots of ways!) where students raised their hand to volunteer an appreciation or observation of a skill set or helpful behavior we see in that friend.  You may have seen your child's heart.  Here are all of them!  What a special group of people this class is!

5th Grade Buddies:
This week we took a Walk And Talk to discuss the recent field trips that each class was taking.  What did your child learn about their buddy's trip?

We investigated the 100s Chart to help students see new patterns and also to connect with the number order more strongly.  I wrote a page about this one, so check the weekly email!

We began exploring this with simple items from around the classroom.  We are preparing for the activity that the students found in a book- create a 100 inch snake- which they want to do on Monday for the party!  There are so many fun ways to practice measurement around the house.  What could you measure?  What measurement tools do you have at home?  What ways they measure?

This Month's Field Trip
This week's performance of Ferdinand The Bull was very special.  The students learn about the various instrument families, the sounds each makes and saw a dance play performed by the Malashock dance troupe.
Thank you to Susie, Gabe's mum, for finalizing this trip!

Getting ready for the 100 day party:
The kids planned a few activities for the big day!  Here they are getting the last few things ready.
We hope you can join the festivities on Monday!

Well, I hope you enjoyed sharing this with your child!
Have a great weekend, Jennifer

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