Friday, February 5, 2016

February Songs and Poems!


This is a fun group of songs and poems!  I wrote a page about one, this week, so check the weekly email, too!

I chose Down On The Corner because it introduces a lot of unique instruments and leads to some fun discussions about instrument categories.  Since we are going to the orchestral concert this month, I thought these would blend nicely together!  Here are some of the links that we watched to learn more about a jaw harp, washboard, kalamazoo (the type of guitar) and a gut bass (AKA Gut Bucket).

The kids are very intrigued that the 100 poem actually has 100 "words" in it!  They are excited about the challenge to learn such a long poem!  I think they can do it!

Also, check out our weekly blog posts to see our explorations of the countries you will find mentioned in Love Train.  We are using it as a fun way to seek out new places in the world!

I hope you enjoy learning these with your child!  Have a beautiful month, Jennifer

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