Monday, February 15, 2016

A Week Full Of Spirit and Learning!

Hello Families,

It was a short week, but a fun one!  It was sweet to see everyone dressed up for all the the days' themes.  I did not get any group photos, though I meant to!  Ug!  I can't remember everything, though I keep trying!  I hope your weekend has been lovely.  Mine has- full of the beach and painting and creating.  So much fun.  I really took the days, rather than doing work each day- so here I am getting this finished for you.  Thank you for waiting!  (I am starting and ending this post with heart stones I found at the beach, and two different days' sunsets!)

Social Studies:

This week we were lucky to have Joshua's mum share about her family tradition of Chinese New Year.  She shared a bit about the ways they celebrate and the family togetherness that is had. Teresa also brought in some music so that we could hear music from that region of the world!   To pretend to celebrate with fireworks, the class then went outside and jumped on large bubble wrap.  And it really did sound like that!  So much fun!

China is another country that is mentioned in our song, Love Train, so I had planned to have us research this on in February, so we took some time this week to connect this learning to the Chinese New Year information.  We talked about what a large country it is and how there are so many types of ecosystems in the same country.  We looked at many photos, and talked about the rice and tea production and the terraced land that helps make this agriculture possible.  The Great Wall of China was also very exciting for the kids!  It is pretty amazing to think of how it was built and that it is even visible from space! Here are two websites we also looked at for more information.

Language Arts and Social Studies and Math:

We read the famous book, Ferdinand to get ready for next week!  The students were amazed that this was written in 1936.  I am curious to see what they do with this as a theme for next week.

On Tuesday it was Decades Day, as a part of our IA Spirit Week.  That morning we had the '50s, '60s. '70s and '80s (and maybe the '90 grunge flanel?) represented!  We took some time to practice with the Unifix cubes to look at place value and to count backwards to see the math involved in how many years ago people dressed like this...  So interesting!

Language Arts:

We have begun another fun tradition that I haven't done in a couple of years- the 3-Clues Mystery Box!

This is something that will be akin to homework... Each child will get a turn to take the box home and choose something to put in it.  Then they need to write out three clues that will help the class ask questions to learn more about what it could be before we find out!  

This week we began with Kellan taking home the 3-Clues Mystery Box...

We also did a fun journal topic this week: the prompt was something that would be funny that had to do with pajamas...  (Inspired by PJ day!)  Here are their fun ideas!  They crack me up with their personal creativity!

It is also exciting to see more writing! The kids are employing a combo of utilizing key spelling words requested, the sight-words basket and their own spelling to get more of their ideas documented!  Those illustrations match their work, too!

Well, with leaving the work camera at work (a sign to do less this weekend?) and it being a shorter week, I will sign off.  Hoping this has been a beautiful weekend!  
Love, Jennifer

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  1. I'm catching up on reading the blogs. The heart stones are lovely. Alana would be excited if she found some. In regard to the fireworks and bubble wrap, it all makes sense after reading this. Ha ha. Alana was so excited to tell us about this, but we Sidney get to figure out what she meant by having fireworks at school. My mind went straight to the old snappers we would get as kids at the corner store or he ice cream truck. Anyway, she was very interested in The Great Wall of China and just learning about Chinese/Lunar Neew Year. We had been talking a lot about it at home as well since our family name is of Chinese descent. Thanks for sharing. And we look forward to the mystery box! Sounds like fun!