Friday, January 29, 2016

So many interesting things to share with our families!

Hello Families!

This week's blog includes many links and videos to share with your child!  I hope you can find moments throughout the weekend and next week to enjoy them together.  They are learning so much and share an excitement for the wonders of the world.  It is so much fun to share this with them!

Monday's Experiment:
Sienna's parents lead our experiment on Monday this week, and the group created vehicles to explore simple machines and energy. Thank you for planning our fun building experience!  I wonder if the students have tinkered with them at home to get them to work or change their direction...
 This is a fun one to do and tinker with at home, so here's the link they sent me:

This is the board from the discussion that we had after the experiment- please see the Reflection Page on this, attached to your weekly email!

Tuesday- Germany Presentation!
Joshua's family joined us to present photos of their time with their family in Germany over the holidays.  This included lots of information about the region and traditions of their family. The kids were so interested in many aspect, I wonder what your child remembered most...

Wednesday's Buddies in the Garden:
The four jobs we worked on to keep the garden running were:
Weeding, picking the harvest, working on the rock path and watering

This week's Journal Topics:
How do scales work?
Germany presentation
Swift Things Are Beautiful videos (see below)

Language Arts, Science and Social Studies!
This week we researched the various things in the poem Swift Things Are Beautiful, by Elizabeth Coatsworth.  We also looked a photos of things that the students wanted more connection to, such as an ox.  This was a great opportunity to talk about animals, scientific phenomena and also to look at the map and look up all the places these mention (the places where lightning strike most often in the world, and in the US, and where the swallows migrate to and from, and where the wheat video was filmed...)

Here are some of the videos we looked at:
Lightning:  (we stopped at 2:10...)
Wind in the wheat:
An opening flower:

What did your family enjoy the most?  Feel free to write in the comments below!

Math topics:
Our calendar ritual continues and we are now past 80 days!  The kids are excited that we are getting close to 100. (see the reflection page about this...)  They are becoming more confident to be able to explain the place value and know what numbers need to change to reflect the new amount.

Also, the math talks notes are always put up on the wall in class (before copies go into your child's portfolio) so feel free to stop in and ask your child to explain this week's experience!

Ten friends:
These are numbers that work together to make 10.  I noticed that the class wasn't remembering as fluently, so we did some more activities with this to help them connect to these number relationships.  This time we used pie graphs to see the representation of the numbers.

(We are also always practicing doing our best effort the first time with everything, especially checking for the numbers to go the right way!)

Friday's Experiment:  Magnets!

We got to learn from Joshua's family two times this week!  Thank you!  We learned about various types of metal and how not all of them can work with magnets.  Joshua's dad brought items from his work so that the kids could experience high powered magnets and see the poles and force field, using metal shavings on an aluminum pan.  He also showed how magnetic energy can be combined with electricity by using a battery.  (These types of experiments are fun and simple things you can test out at home as a family!)  Finally, we saw a totally different type of force when Andre used a closed cardboard box with a hole at one end to create force by clapping it on it's sides.  The kids were amazed to see the stack of cups fall down across the meeting space!

This week we got to see force all over the place- in Monday's experiment (potential energy) and through magnets and air.  Lots to think about and test out in our future!

If you and your family do any more of these type of extensions at home, please write in the comments below, and share any links, if  you used the internet to find activities to do!  

Thank you to all the families who have signed up to share a fun experiment.  The new sign-ups are out and we have more months of school left, so if you are interested in planning an experiment, come in or email me for a day of your own!

I also want to share an extra thank you to Clara this week, since she is always so steady and helpful.  She does so much for us to keep the week flowing and support the students to become their best. I appreciate being able to have small moments with each child for their report card answers, and Clara made this possible by being so capable of running the class while I meet with kids!  I am so lucky to have her with us!

Have a beautiful weekend!  Love, Jennifer

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