Monday, January 11, 2016

Our first week back- Sweet 2016!

Hi families!  Happy New Year!

With Clara and I both taking turns being sick, the short week and my taking an intensive, three day course this weekend, I really haven't had my usual amount of time, so I decided to take care of myself (always in search of balance in life!) and am finally getting a blog entry up for last week's few days.

What a special week it was!  The combo of being back after vacation and it being an extremely rainy week could have been a recipe for children climbing the walls, and yet it was a very sweet time.  These kids really love to connect with each other and are pretty open to working with anyone.  We did new activities and explored the new room set-up.

Here is a glimpse:

Journal topics:
Magnet theories
Country research
The extreme weather

Language Arts:
Nouns and Verbs!  After I introduced these words, the kids brainstormed examples.  The kids had fun with learning this and then playing games like "Madlibs" to see what new sentences you can create by changing he u and verbs.

Songs and Poems:
Stay tuned for a new post about this month's selections, but I wanted to share some of the ideas the kids explained when we explored one of the new poems.

Math Talks:
The kids are encountering the tool a 10 Frame in ST Math games now, so this week we looked into this and are going to begin to see how this helps us see numbers and their relationships!  More on this in the coming weeks!

Game Day activities:
Even and Odd- exploring this and beginning to make connections with this concept.
More and less game
Documenting personal and academic goals for 2016
Exploring the new items: Marble run problem solving and magnet problem solving

Our New Room-
I created new provocations and put out new learning opportunities.  I hope you will have your child show you around!

Social Studies!  KEEP THEM COMING!
Families have been sending in items from other countries and the kids have been so curious and interested.  They have spent time finding that country on the globe and drawing and writing about it.This will also help us continue the ritual of "going to a country" each week!

Well, I need to get to bed.  Take care, Jennifer

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