Thursday, January 21, 2016

January Songs and Poems!

Hello Families!

This month's songs and poems have been sweet, and even though we have been busy with so many fun topics, we have learned from them, too.

I chose Dear Prudence because I usually see that January is a time to reconnect after the holiday break and sometimes students' friendships are shifting or they see friends in new light as they all grow.  I thought this song would help us talk again about how to be friends, especially how to invite or negotiate playing with new people.  Little did I know, at the time, that the rich discussions about "Best Friends" would also come up!

The Swift poem is lovely to begin thinking about how we can like many things, and even opposing type things- fast and slow.  Also, what is beautiful to us, is different than what others might come up with!

The Fog poem also has us thinking about how we can use words or situations that are similar to evoke a feeling, but not actually be about that.  For instance, some of the students are realizing that there isn't' really a cat here, the fog is the cat-like being moving!  :)

I wonder if your family has a favourite from this month, or if any of these poems have been a topic for discussion at home!  Please write in the comments section, if so!

Have a beautiful day, Jennifer

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