Friday, January 15, 2016

Fun new school ideas that can go home!

Hello families!

How are you?  I am tired, but happy.  It was another neat week and I have too much to share as usual- a "good" problem, right?  I will try my best to upload (it is slow!) as many photos and still get this sent today!

Thank you for taking the time each week to look at this and discuss it with your child.  This week there is a game we played that you may want to do together at home, too...  So make sure to read until the end!

The items from other countries keep coming in and we are so lucky!  Come check them out with your child, before or after school, if you would like!  So many interesting things!

Tide Pool Information:
To get ready for the upcoming trip, Dawn came into class to share some information about tide pools.

(In this image you can see the brainstorm the children did to identify animals in the ocean.  The top list are of animals that we probably will not see in the tide pools, and the list near the illustration are of animals will might see!)  Thank you to Dawn for teaching us and for leading this experience!

New class activities:

Letter organizing- sorting and practicing organizing skills while verbalizing these letters' sounds.

Math game: Egg Carton- counting practice and keeping track of a larger quantity when they add them all up!  This is something you can easily make at home!

Penmanship Practice: Without trying to make the students feel too much that they are "writing wrong" we are looking at the ways letters can be written that will help us practice methods that help us not pick up our pencil to much and are more efficient.  I introduced them as "clubs"- groups of letters that use a similar shape to start...
C club: all the letters that start with a C shape and it's direction: c, a, o, e, d, g, q, s
L club: l, h, b, t  (They all start at the top line)
I club:  i, j, r, n, m, p (They all start at the dotted line)
V club: v, y, x
Practicing at home in a fun and supportive way is always great!  Using lined paper with the dots (you can print this off the internet) really helps them to practice.  Muscle memory takes time to create!

Vowel posters-
We used easy words and our names (which are words the kids know well) to help us make posters that will be available to remind us of the soft and hard sound each vowel makes.

(Random share: I love that we have that beautiful Japanese door hanging that makes it look like we have a Friendly Giant's pants hanging up in class!  ;)

Journal Topics:
Nouns and verbs- "Madlibs"
Inclined planes findings
Documenting the Tide-pooling information from Dawn

Evens and Odds- continuing activities to practice this!
Each student was handed a small number of gems to count and let us know if it was an even amount or odd.  Then I paired up children and they added their quantities to see if adding an odd and an odd, an even and an even or an even and odd make an odd or even.  Here is how it went...

This is another fun thing to practice at home, if you'd like.

This week's experiment:
Thank you to Julie and Caleb's grandmother for planning this and coming to help out.  The students tested five variables to see what they would do to ice- salt, sugar, baking soda, vinegar and hot water.  They wrote key words about their predictions and then wrote and drew to document the results.  I hope you ask your child about this, and maybe even do your own testing at home!

A Place Value Timeline Story game...
I just made this up this week and the kids enjoyed it so much that I thought you parents could easily do it, too!  I chose some meaningful or memorable moments from my life (that would give them good practice with various quantities) and I wrote down sign markers for a time-line of what happened when. (At home for an added bonus, you could give your child these pages out of order and ask them to organize them in chronological order, first!)

Next the students used 10-sticks and ones to represent what that age quantity is made up of and to look closely at what the two numbers that make up that number represent as far as their position in the place value.  They are getting it- with practice, so the more practice the better.  And this was a fun, personal way to do it!  I hope you have fun sharing your stories and practicing math!

(See our reflection pages this week for more on place value!)

Have a beautiful three day weekend.
Here are a few quotes I love by Martin Luther King, Jr., if you want to discuss the holiday further!

I have decided to stick with love. Hate is too great a burden to bear.

The time is always right to do what is right.

Life's most persistent and urgent question is, "What are you doing for others?"

Enjoy your weekend, Jennifer

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  1. Jennifer, I love when you give us parents ideas for learning at home. This helps us so much, especially as a 3 day family! Thanks for sharing.