Monday, January 25, 2016

A short week full of fun stuff!

Hello families,

After a quick visit up to my family's, I got back and had a migraine yesterday.  This hasn't happened in a while, so I feel really lucky about that.  So, I am off track for this last post, but I hope you already enjoyed the other two posts with your child, below.

This quick week's learning- in a nutshell...

We began a number line to see the pattern of evens and odds.  Stop in to check this out!

More than and less than
I took the opportunity of our field trip to use as a topic for this activity.  Many of the students are encountering this (<) symbol in some of the ST Math games and memorizing symbols can be tricky.  This activity was to help us remember and work with it in a new way.  First we used it as more tall or less tall with students.

Next the kids used the prompts to make simple statements about our trip.  This was also great practice for our penmanship, which we are all working on making clear.

Language arts-
We continue to talk about our best effort penmanship, practicing often and stopping to look at how the letters are positioned.
We played games to practice identifying the letter sound, the letter name and a word that begins with that letter
Letter teams- we added to our posters on the wall, using simple words, or words we know to remind us of these teams in action and the sound they make.

Journal topics:
How do you get from home to school- mapping or explaining directions (Also social studies!)
Reporting about our field trip to the tide pools

Explaining the tide pool experience, and our finds on this trip, to our 5th grade buddies.

Thanks for sharing some of your child's week with them.  It helps them to talk and explain their work because it's like revisiting the ideas.  Wishing you a great week!  Love, Jennifer

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