Friday, December 4, 2015

Learning At California Pizza Kitchen!

Hello Families,

This was a tasty trip!  The kids got to make their own personal pizza, to tour the kitchen area and to ask questions about the workings of a restaurant.  The next day we discussed what we learned.  Here is their brainstorm.  (There is also a page I made about an offshoot of this learning... See the weekly class email for this!)

Thanks to Susie, Gabe's Mum, for organizing this trip!  Also, thank you so much to all our family drivers!  Thank you, also, to the CPK team-they were upbeat and helpful, and did the whole field trip for free!

I hope you enjoy looking at these photos with your child and having them tell you all about this day.  Maybe  you'll head over to a CPK near you to experience their pizza as a family.

Have a lovely weekend, Jennifer

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