Sunday, December 27, 2015

Last week of 2015- and Happy Holidays!

Hello Families,

Happy Vacation!  I hope it has been a nice one so far! I hope this is exciting to read half way through your time together.  I will make a separate blog entry about Exhibition Night- so check the side panel to see that under the December category.

Here is a little glimpse into our last week before 2016!

Here's a little info from Clara about her time with the students doing robotics:

In Robotics students have been learning about programming the Probot to move forward using a straight arrow and turning using the curved arrow. This week's challenge was using their prior knowledge of driving forward and turning to make the Probot drive in the shape of a square.  Students had to plug in their command and estimate a distance to make the Probot draw a square.

(Thank you, Clara, for all your planning and for the support you give to the kids for this special experience!)


This week we looked at how bar graphs works.  We used the morning share for the day of Exhibition to collect this data- who felt proud, excited and or nervous (or any combo or all three!).

(friends could choose more than one, so you can see that many were having mixed feelings about the big day!)

Next each student created their own simple bar graph with a yes or no question.  Our final step was to share out the results we found.  The students are getting more confident in reading a graph and explaining the info that it shares with us!

 Reporting out our findings...


Writing Equations- remembering the order and keeping this organized and readable for others.

We played a game the students had played once before, so that this time we could add the challenge of writing out the equation.  The students are working on getting the number symbols correct, and the right function symbol for the job.  This is great practice, and is something easy to do at home with many simple card games.  Keep practicing so that it gets to be more rote!

Math talks notes: Check these out in class- somehow in all the bustle, I did not get a photo of them...

Last day of school fun!

It was a sweet morning of games and new challenges under the snow flakes!  Thanks for coming and joining us and thank you to Mason's family for planning the experiment.  You can do the same at home here:

Ideas for research and learning over vacation- We used this as a morning share...  Which ideas might you do in the coming days and to start 2016 off with curiosity and wonder?
What do you want to learn more about or practice over the vacation?

Jennifer:Reading practice- listening to others and sounding out words yourself
Sienna: Research about moths
Parker: Research about animals- elephants
Faeyt: Research about ladybugs
Brian: Research about nature- poinsettias
Mary: I'm gonna practice reading
Leah: I'm gonna practicing journalling- spelling words
Gabriel: I'm gonna practice drawing and learning letters
Mason: Research about rhinoceros
Analee: Research about Austria and dogs
Rachel: Research about horses
Alyzabeth: Research about giraffes
Olivia: Research new songs and poems
Reese: Research wooden stuff
Gabe: I'm gonna practice songs and poems
Grace: Research how electricity works
Kellan: I'll practice at home one of the graphs (asking survey questions)
Alana: Research about Africa- the trees
Reese: Research about how glass is made
Mason: Research about different kinds of grasses
Kellan: Research about the places in our paintings
Grace: Research how stuffing is made out of
Gabriel: Research how paint is made
Olivia: Research about new stories
Alana: Research about the moon
Analee: Learn how to do math
Caleb: Research how people build
Faeyt: Research about what's blocks made of
Gabe: Research about pens and pencils and colored pencils are made out of
Parker: Research how people make shoes
Brian: Research how seeds get made

And in the spirit of sharing wonder and the interest in learning new skills- these are two of my favourite videos of people doing amazing things.  I love Fred and Ginger (This is from a fun old movie!) and this juggling had to take practice.  I love how he coordinated it to the song so precisely and also that its the Beatles, of course!  ;)

Happy Holidays!  May your time off be full of wonder, love and laughter!  Love, Jennifer

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