Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Getting Ready for Exhibition!

Hello Kindergartener Families!

I am excited about Exhibition.  Thank you for all your help!  I was hoping to give you a sneak peak into the activities we will have available in class.

Here are the five stops-
Our Research
Our Stories
Our Settings
Our Characters
What's next...( adding to our Dramatic play endeavors...)

The kids' settings are so special and I can't wait to see what you do with them.  The activity is to create a story using their settings!  I just created a VERY QUICK example.  Yours will be much more creative and fun, I imagine.  But here is a simple story to get you thinking about what you can do!

Off To See The World!
by Jennifer

Once there was a Zebra who lived in the African grassland.  The Zebra was named Zamara.  Zamara loved to play with her friends, but she often wondered if she was missing anything living in the same place all of her life.  One night Zamara decided to head out to see the world.  She was so curious to see what other countries looked like!

The Mexican desert was beautiful and prickly.

The Arctic was cool and chilly.

The water under the Caribbean Sea was sparkling and strong.

The castles in Austria were impressive and a good hike..

The Amazon rain forest was thick and moist. 

The Californian beaches were calm and relaxing.  
Yet Zamara began to have a feeling that she was missing something. 

That night she sat alone on the beach and thought about all she had seen.  She had loved the adventure, and held so many beautiful places in her mind.  She closed her eyes and the strongest image was of the African grassland and all of her smiling friends.  Zamara jumped on the next plane back to Kenya.

She arrived home in the evening and her friends gathered around her.

That night they played and played and enjoyed being together again.  
Zamara felt the happiest she had been, at home at last.  

The end.

What story will you create on Thursday night?

With all our business to get ready for the big night, the kids are practicing hosting and seem to be taking this very seriously, which is lovely to see.  They are such dedicated people!  Looking forward to seeing them in action on the big night!

See you Thursday!  Have a beautiful night, Jennifer

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