Friday, December 4, 2015

December Songs and Poems!

Hello Families,

I now have so many songs and poems that are special to me, that I love sharing them with your families!  Some of them feel a bit like a long lost friend and I get so excited to share each one each month.  This month I am excited to share a silly one by Shel Silverstein.  Bear In There always makes the kids feel the sense of ridiculous!

I chose Winter Moon and Dust of Snow to go with this month's turning winter.  Even though we don't get snow here, I also felt that Dust of Snow goes with our social emotional learning of being able to move through feelings, or decide what type of outlook you are going to choose to have each day. I just love the visual of a crow stopping you in your tracks and reminding you to keep life in perspective and laugh at the crazy things in life.  Plus, each of these two poems were written by well-known poets that it is helpful for these students to begin to know about.  Do you have a favourite poem from Robert Frost or Langston Hughes?  (Feel free to comment below!)

This month also has many poems that we recite with strong feeling.  I hope that soon the students will be able to recite them well enough for you to hear their voices when they do.  It is a fun time of day, rich with learning new words and their spellings.  Plus it's just great to move our bodies to the unique rhythm of the language.

Thanks for sharing a love of language with me!  Have a great weekend, Jennifer

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