Sunday, December 27, 2015

Our First Exhibition Night!

Hello Families!

What a special night!  The kids were so brave to speak with visitors and to stand up in front of so many people to perform their songs and poems!  I hope you enjoyed a special night with your family!

Here are some images from the day and the big night.

Hosting our 5th grade buddies-

Here are the areas, just in case your child wants to "host" any family that you see over the vacation. Somehow I missed a photo of the clay area, but I thought I did it.  Maybe it is on the camera I had to lend out... (Remember that you can click on the image to turn it into a slide show!)  I know many grandparents who live farther away love to check the blog- so these photos are for you! Thank you for being a part of our extended classroom family!

  Lots of hard work that night!  We were so lucky to have so many parents help get the students' work up so that they could share their learning with us.  It takes a village, right?

Thank you for making this night so special!  Enjoy your time off together, Jennifer