Friday, November 13, 2015

So much to share in a short week!

Hello families,

How are you? I hope you enjoyed having that day off in the middle with your child.  I relaxed a bit that day, which was nice.  Even though it was a shorter week, there is still so much to share!  :)

As you can see, I have been trying to get a more recent class photo, as we have two new students, but with sicknesses going around, this can be tricky.  We will try to get everyone next week!

Our class name:

We took the next step of listening to our list of what we are getting good at and then the students suggested words that seem like important words to our class.  Next we will listen to possible combinations of these words to think about what might work together to be a name that really depicts the essence of our group this year!

Sight Words Are Everywhere!
The class is finding their sight words more and more!  This week many of them found these in our songs and poems, and took turns showing others what they are noticing in this example of our language.

Our Story Investigation Continues:

This week we read one of my favourite classics: Alexander and the Wind-up Mouse, by Leo Lionni.
I am noticing how the class is really beginning to connect to the parts of a story and they are able to identify these more easily.  This week they even identified a few different problems, and alerted us as we read, so that we would collect all of this info on our poster page list.  These kids are growing each day!

Kangaroo Math!

This week we played a simple jumping game that you can easily do at home!  This was to practice the concept of more than or less than ("jump to one more than 9", or "jump to one less than 3"), but there are endless ways to play it- for instance later in the year we will also play it with harder equations ("jump to 4+5").  You can also use this to practice knowing your "Ten Friends", for instance, "Jump to the Ten Friend of 3" (They jump to 7!)

Do you think this is how kangaroos practice their math facts?  ;)

Patterns In Time

This week we had a learning moment in time management.  On the second day of working on the cards for Clara's birthday, some students used more time chatting, or all their time to draw (see middle rectangle below), not getting to the colouring phase of their work.  They became surprised and worried, even though I had given reminders and a heads up on how much time we had left.  These natural learning moments are so helpful for students to begin seeing how their choices effect their desires.  Many felt bummed and surprised that they didn't finish, but since we had one more section of time to work on them, they made better choices the next day, and felt more happy with their planning.

I try to draw out these types of abstract concepts to help the students understand.  This can work at home, too, especially if you are working on your child becoming more autonomous about getting ready for school or other tasks.  A calendar is also a great idea to help children of this age when they have to wait for longer periods and are looking forward to something farther away in time.  Do you see the patterns in these?

Building Up:

I created a reflection page about this, too!  But here are some images of the discussion we had and the ending challenge of looking at these two leaning structures and journaling about what keeps them up, or what might happen next, or what we know about structural stability.  Fun stuff!

*Also- more friends have begun surveys, and I put them up as work in progress, so come on in to check out what friends are asking and answering!

Science Experiment:

Thank you to Dawn for organizing this and giving the students this interesting experience!  Dawn was able to show the students the difference between:

There were two learning opportunities to look at the difference between what causes these, and how the volcano itself reacts or looks afterwards.

These are fun activities you can do at home, too, if we get some great rainy days in our future!  :)

I wonder what other questions and research this might stimulate for your child at home?


This week's challenge: Steps to bulls-eye
Students have been learning how to program the car. 
Question: What keys do you need to press to get the car going?  
The challenge today was to get to the bulls-eye on one command.  Students practice putting the numbers in (programming) and noticing if they made it to the bulls-eye.  If they didn't make it on their first try they would gradually input a bigger number that will get them closer to the bulls-eye. 

Thank you Clara, for writing this up for families to know what you are helping the students work on!

Clara's Birthday meeting:

The kids kept the secret!  We took this moment to talk about secrets, and I always share that secrets where you know when you are planning to tell them (in this case, we would let out the secret at the end of the week!) are okay kinds of secrets to have.  The kids worked on special cards and created illustrations for Clara and gave them to her on her birthday meeting.  We hope she has a great birthday tomorrow!

Have a beautiful weekend!  Love, Jennifer

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  1. Thank you for always putting so much detail in these weekly blog posts. I always feel like I learn something new too. We'll have to try the Kangaroo math game at home. I'd love to learn more about the abstract concepts you used for time management. And we hop Clara had a great birthday weekend as well!