Friday, November 6, 2015

Our Trip To The Blue Skies Reserve!

Hello Families!

Our trip to the Blue Skies Reserve was really special.  It turned out to be a nice day with the weather turning much less hot.  I hope your child was excited to share, and if not, then I hope this post helps them!  This is a really nice and easy hike to do with your child, so I hope you get a chance to go back together and have your child show you around!

Here were some of the things the guides shared with us:
Ecosystem, habitat, landscape, adaptation, canyon, watershed, tracks, scat, seeds, oak apples/oak gall (a sort of wasp egg or nest type structure that the tree produces around the larva), sage, western sycamore (ghost tree), "taco" plant, yucca (used as needles by the local Native Americans) , "witches hair" plant, lichen, moss, prey, predator

Here were some local animals we learned about:
Opossum (a marsupial), Skunk (who eat lichen), Bobcat, Mule Deer, Raccoon (the masked bandit), hummingbirds (and how they use spiderwebs and oak leaf fuzz for their nests!), Woodrat

It was really nice to go to Poway Lake for lunch, to play on their fun structures and then to journal on the hill overlooking the lake.  We were so lucky to have such picturesque weather.

Thank you to Katrin for organizing this field trip!  Thank you to all of our family chaperons, too!

Have a beautiful weekend, Jennifer

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