Friday, November 6, 2015

November's Songs and Poems

Hello families!

Happy November!  Can you believe it's already here?  I can't.  But I was excited to share these new songs and poems with the kids, since some of them are my favourites!  (Dancing in the Moonlight!)

You may recognize the other song, if you grew up watching Sesame Street.  Here is the fabulously grainy video that I watched when I was little!

I also included Try, Try Again and Some Days Are Stones to continue talking about perseverance and the natural occurrence of not every day being perfect!  I hope these poems will be inspiring and lead to some great discussions this month.

And, as usual, we are doing a poem from Maurice Sendak's book Chicken Soup With Rice!

I hope you enjoy listening to your child learn these throughout this month.  Happy Fall!

Love, Jennifer

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