Saturday, October 17, 2015

Preparing for Student Led Conferences, our first Party and other fun!

Hello Families,

Thank you for all your show of support while our school goes through this emotional time.  I will try my best to be as present as possible, and the school will be keeping you updated on future news.  Clara and I were emotional on Friday morning and we shared with the kids that one of our teacher friends had been hurt in an accident and that we were thinking about him a lot and sending out lots of love.  Since these students are so young, I didn't feel that any more information would be relevant, and more details might make them fearful of cars, driving or other things they perceive about this situation.  We will be remaining positive, while honoring feelings and that life has all of these ups and downs.  Please email me if you have any questions or concerns!

This week was another sweet one, since this group of children is so lovely.  Today was a rainy day and they are handling the differences that this brings in stride and enjoying themselves.

Here are a few moments I will share with you- sorry for a little less this week, I have been occupied with other matters and feelings today, when I usually am taking the time to upload photos.

Interviews continue, so please enjoy a moment to read the latest near the door.  Also, the old ones are archived in a binder on the information table, so that you can sit down and look at them with your child at your leisure.  I love watching students showing their families around!

5th Grade Buddies!
Our buddies met with us again this week and the students are now partnered up.  This week the classes read together!  I will ask Emily, the 5th grade teacher, if all of her students can have their images on the blog, and then I will be able to show more partnership images in the future.  If your child doesn't remember their buddy's name now, we will be meeting on Wednesdays, so you might ask them that afternoon!

Songs and Poems
The class is showing more and more of what they notice about language in our songs and poems.  They are finding words, we are looking at rhymes and the students who are still connecting to their letter sounds are asking and getting peer support.  The class is like a bunch of detectives who are figuring this all out together!  It is so important for each of them to feel they are in the expert role, and for the students to be teaching each other!  Has your child shared any of our October songs and poems with you?

Party Planning!
I have created a lot of learning experiences around party planning that is fun and really fosters the students investment in their exciting and fun moments.  This is really fun work!  The class has chose to plan a Halloween party and this week we chose the theme (see the reflection page I created on this, too!)

The next step was for us to decide which activity ideas we could do, and or combine ideas to come to how many stations would work in the room that day, and also, what was do-able in the time we have coming up. Then each student thought about their abilities so far and what interested them, and the class created committees to get the party going!  Next week these committees will meet and we will be doing a lot of problem solving, communication and collaboration!

Next week sign-ups will go out as to things we may need for the party (supplies and food) and or help we may ask of you.  Please do not bring things without checking first, as we really want to honor the student's ideas, planning, hard work and vision!  They feel so proud when they take all the steps to prepare themselves!

And finally,  we acted out what a Student Led Conference would look like this week, so that the students will feel more ready for this special moment when it happens next week.  Here Kale practiced showing his "Mum" and "Dad" his work on the computer.  Thank you for making the time to come next week- it is such a beautiful time!

Have a great weekend, Jennifer

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