Wednesday, October 7, 2015

October Songs and Poems!

Hello families,

Thank you for sharing your stories of your child's interest and excitement with our Songs and Poems!  This is why I love sharing this with the students- there is so much learning with this process, and they love it!

This month I chose a few fun Halloween themed poems.  I am glad I did, because there is such an excitement about Halloween in our class!  Two days before October began, when we saw it was coming on the calendar, there was buzz that October means Halloween!  Wow!  This makes me glad for my choices, and also excited to see what they decide for their first class party!  (More on this later, but essentially the class plans the party from start to finish to make it personal and full of rewarding hard work!)

I also thought the autumn theme would be fun and with a little magic thrown in.  I love the imagery of the wind asking the leaves to put on their dresses of red and gold so that they can go play on the meadow.  I wonder if any of your children will create illustrations to go with these poems?

The Langston Hughes poem is always a bit of magic, and also fun for the students to think of their own recipes...  What precious materials would your dream dust be made of? How would your dream dust be used- how does it work and what can it do?  I already could tell the students got the concept that some things are more valuable and wouldn't be something you'd want to sell.

I chose the Thank you poem because we are practicing sharing clear and specific appreciations.  Last week at the Library the students had a beautiful moment appreciating the Librarian.  I think the kids are picking up on the amazing feeling you can have when giving and receiving an appreciation.  This poem touches on this feeling nicely!

We are having fun learning these new songs and poems, and I hope you are, too!  Keep your stories coming, I love hearing how music is impacting them personally, your family and or how it is helping them connect to language!

Have a beautiful night!  Love, Jennifer

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