Friday, October 30, 2015

Lots of learning with our party preparations!

Hello families!

This week was a rewarding amount of work and the kids felt so excited to see their hard work come together to make this party!  I will make a separate post with photos from the actual event!  Thank you to all the families who brought food and supplies and helped on the big day!

Here is a glimpse into this week:

Social Studies:

We "went" to Florida this week.  Key topics: the Everglades, Keys, a state vs a country, domestic vs international flight, the animals of the region, ecosystem, same and different.  (We remembered the landscapes of Austria and Russia, which we previously looked at, and noticed similarities and differences)  The friends journaled on this topic, and since I was sick that day, I wonder what your child found most interesting about this state...

I hope you take a moment with your child each week to look at and discuss their journal entries!

Math Talks:

Please notice that the weekly notes from math talks go up on the wall by the mosaic and manipulatives.  (Except right now, as it is the pumpkin patch!)  You can add this as another spot to stop in class and discuss the learning and ideas that your child generated and learned from others!

This week I was excited that many friends were able to show the various ways that four can be made up and also that a friend showed how he moved the dots in his head to make it look like a square, thus putting them in a pattern he was used to and knew meant four.  This concept of getting to a "friendly number" is one they will use a lot in their future!

It is also interesting to see what ideas come up that are the same expression, or different between the two small groups that I meet with!

Here are this week's notes:


We began looking at ways to organize data when we ask a question.  We used the morning share and then collected the data on a T-chart.  Next week the students will start to create their own surveys to ask their peers.  In the coming weeks we will learn new formats for collecting and displaying our survey data!

Party Planning:

Beautiful moments were had, throughout the last two weeks, as the students worked together to make our party a sweet one.  I was excited to see friends offering help and choosing to collaborate, especially when they were less sure of their skills.  This often expedited work and made it fun, too!

Photograph of the reflections from the party!  The families and students and teachers shared thoughts of what worked and we might remember for a future party.  

This was a special moment to honor so much hard work!  Everyone really identified meaningful parts of our work and things that might help our next party- thanks for contributing to our reflecting on our work!
Next up- check out the party photos on the next blog entry!

This class of beautiful, creative, fun students has a lot to be proud of!  
Happy Halloween!
Love, Jennifer

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